Final Regional weekend predictions

This new format with the bigger regions sure feels like it went by quickly. Did it go this quick in years past?

Here are my final predictions for the remaining regions. First up, Meridian Regional.

Top five women: Annie Thorisdottir, Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir, Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir, Kristin Holte and Bjork Odinsdottir. Iceland really dominates this region.

Top five men: Mikko Aronpaa, Frederik Aegidius, Jonne Koski, Jason Smith and Bjorgvin Karl Guomundsson.

Teams? Don’t ask. I don’t know.

Let’s go to a more fun region, for me anyway – Central!

This is the region I am most looking forward to watching this weekend. The girls competing alone has me stoked. Julie Foucher, Stacie Tovar, Elizabeth Akinwale and Lindy Barber are just some of the names I can’t wait to see compete.

Top five women: Stacie Tovar, Julie Foucher, Elizabeth Akinwale, Grace Dresher and Nicole Holcomb. I think those top three women could go anyway. Akinwale is looking ridiculously fit in the pictures on her Instagram. I think Tovar is back with a vengeance after missing last year and Foucher is Foucher. While I think Barber is extremely hot, her hotness doesn’t get her to The Games this year. Her back acted up on her (for good reason, if you don’t know her story look it up) about a month ago and I wouldn’t bet money on an athlete who could break so quickly and unexpectedly. I hope she makes it, trust me. The more Lindy Barber the better if you ask me. I’m also interested to see how Deborah Cordner-Carson performs after she took a year off to have a child. She was a serious competitor a few years ago.

Top five men: Scott Panchik, Nick Urankar, Alex Anderson, Will Moorad and Sam Dancer. I’m taking a flyer on Dancer. Dude is just so strong. The snatch event is going to be fun to watch with Dancer, Urankar and guys like Nick Bloch who are strong as sh*t throwing around weight. I think the biggest competition for Mat Fraser to win the CrossFit Games this year is Scott Panchik. Another good question, will former big names like Marcus Hendren and Graham Holmberg find themselves in the final heat on Sunday afternoon? I tend to think neither will be in the final heat.

Teams: Froning’s team. Obv. Is there any other reason to watch the Central region team events? For me, yes. I will be watching CrossFit Kilo compete. Gotta root for the gym from the town in which I was born: Waterloo (OK, they are technically in Cedar Falls, but it’s all the same city if you ask me).

To wrap up the weekend we have the West region

Top five women: just because this would be awesome, I am going with Emily Abbott, Emily Beers, Emily Carothers and Emily Morris all to qualify with Regan Huckaby messing up the “Emily show”.

Top five men: Cole Sager, Ben Stoneberg, Lucas Parker, Brent Fikowski and Tyson Takasaki. This leaves one of the big surprises from last years Games out: Cody Anderson. Will his size impact him enough this year? We will see. I really hope Parker dominates. There isn’t a CrossFit personality that is more likeable than Parker, if you ask me.

Teams: CrossFit Marysville did well last year, I’ll go with them…

Last weekend of big time CrossFit competition until July and The Games. And, no, GRID does not count. It just isn’t the same.

PS – just saw that Emily Carothers and Ben Stoneberg aren’t competing this weekend. So, you can strike those two picks above….

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