CrossFit Games thoughts after Friday

After watching the CrossFit Games most of the day today – OK, I watched pretty much every minute of the Games today starting with the teams this morning at 10am until the last women went tonight after Heavy DT – I have a few thoughts.

  • Project Mayhem has a weak link and they aren’t even going to sniff the podium. The woman on their team with the short hair was a weak link at Regionals and she looked pretty weak doing the bar muscle-ups this morning. There is no way a team that includes an athlete that cannot do 21 bar muscle-ups gets on the podium. In fact, I bet they don’t even get to compete in the final event. I believe only the top 10 teams get to compete in the final event and Froning’s team will not be one of them.
  • Will Rich Froning, in his quest to win an Affiliate Cup, recruit a “super team” to win? He recruited James Hobart from the New England area to relocate to Cookesville to be on his team. Will he do the same for a top notch female athlete? Does it taint the Affiliate Cup? I think so. The point of the Affiliate Cup is to let gyms compete, not build a sponsored team to win. If in a few years there are “super teams” (I’m thinking teams like what you see in GRID) then I hope there is a professional competition and an amateur competition.
  • Athletes on Instagram love to post WODs with heavy weight and their huge lifts, but it’s obvious that many need to work in a time domain longer than 10 minutes, more often. I’m looking directly at guys like EZ Muhammad and Nick Urankar off of the top of my head. They constantly post videos and pictures on Instagram lifting a bunch of weight, but they were murdered in the longer events. It was said during the broadcast today and Pat Sherwood posted about it on Twitter or Instagram – those who have focused on metcons under 10 minutes and doing a lot of heavy lifting are missing a very important piece of fitness – long duration cardio fests. I was amazed to see so many athletes that couldn’t even finish Murph in less than 55 minutes…which takes me to…
  • Murph. That. Was. Awesome. I did Murph this past Memorial Day and I did it in less than 50 minutes (around 45 I think) and I wore a vest that was at LEAST 20 pounds. Now, I did partition and I did all the body weight stuff inside and not in the hot sun, but I was a bit shocked and disappointed how many athletes couldn’t finish in less than 55 minutes. Frankly, I thought a lot would challenge the 30 minute mark.
  • And those ladies doing Murph. Wow. That looked brutal. Not a good look for CrossFit. Kara Webb looking like she was utterly drunk during the second mile run was pretty concerning. I’m not sure how she kept coherent enough to cross the finish line. She looked like some sort of puppet during part of the run – mouth agape and she would have DEFINITELY failed a sobriety test that involved walking in a straight line. Annie Thorisdottir cramping up and a few other ladies that looked to be in really poor condition after Murph.
  • During the Regionals after Day 1 Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet was not in first place. After Day 2 she was in first place. I remember reading or watching a video from her husband, Dave Lipson, that said she was a miserable person to be around when she isn’t winning (I paraphrase). Now, I have heard the same about all-time greats like Michael Jordan, too. Some of the best of the best are just so focused on winning that they are seen as assholes when they are not winning. But the problem I have with CLB is that she isn’t the Michael Jordan of CrossFit. She won last year when Sam Briggs didn’t qualify for the Games simply because she couldn’t walk on her hands and when Annie was coming off a serious back injury and when Webb had to pull out of the Games due to a mis-aligned jaw (?!). And I had the sense last year that if Annie had one or two more events that was classic CrossFit with a barbell she would have passed CLB. But now CLB thinks she should always win? Today CrossFit posted an Instragram of CLB crying after a poor performance during the snatch speed ladder. She seems a bit entitled to me, now. Which take me to my final take away from today…
  • So upset that I didn’t get to see the quarterfinals for the snatch speed ladder. Last year the same thing happened for the clean ladder – ESPN showed highlights of previous events instead of showing the first heats in the speed ladder. This year the same thing happened so we didn’t get to see how Webb performed after being taken off of the field on a stretcher just a few hours earlier. We didn’t get to see CLB’s performance and we missed Briggs and how she did. And those are just the women we missed watching. I love watching the short and fast WODs. I loved Zig-Zag from a few years ago and am really looking forward to the sprint/obstacle course tomorrow. To miss those early heats is just excitement we don’t get to see…..but we could watch the absolute boring 2 mile paddle board event in its entirety. It seems someone doesn’t understand whats watchable on TV and what isn’t.

I don’t see anyone catching Matt Fraser.
I hope Webb returns strong and wins. I’m really rooting for her.
I think NorCal ends up on top of the podium with Ute second….and Maybe already on the plane back to Cookesville.


One comment on “CrossFit Games thoughts after Friday

  1. […] but how they set it up so there was one race after another for six total races was awesome. Forget that Mayhem made me eat my words, it was just an awesome event with a ton of action in a short period of […]

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