CrossFit Games fail – streaming/TV

The CrossFit Games website keeps trying to tell me that I can watch, and I quote:


U.S. fans with cable packages that include ESPN should go straight to ESPN3 for complete coverage of the Games. Every heat of every event for every division will be streamed here.

This is taken from this page on the website.

This is bullshit.

Last night I only got to see the last two heats, of eight, of the men’s speed snatch ladder. I didn’t get to see ANY of the women’s quaterfinal heats of the snatch speed ladder. I was watching ESPN3.

Today I am watching ESPN3 again and I didn’t get to see either of the first two heats in the sprint obstacle course – for the men or the women.

I would venture to say that the most fan friendly events this year are the snatch speed ladder and the sprint obstacle course and ESPN3 and CrossFit decided to not show each event in its entirety.

Yet, I could watch the entire ho-hum 2 mile paddle board event. This makes no sense.

In hopes of attracting people to pay $1000 for the Level 1 certificate and eventually turn into affiliate owners who will pay CrossFit $3000 a year to affiliate they are trying to prove why CrossFit is best on ESPN rather than showing stars….stars like Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet. They are choosing to show highlights, past events in their entirety and why CrossFit is the best test of fitness instead of showing CLB break down and cry after the snatch event last night.

Let me list who I would guess are the biggest names in CrossFit, in no particular order: Rich Froning, Annie Thorisdottir and CLB. I would bet that those three get the most money from sponsors, most interviews in magazines and help spread the good word of CrossFit.

Well, I couldn’t watch CLB perform the snatch event, the sprint event and now today they aren’t showing the first heat of the soccer chipper, which included CLB.

Lindy Barber won one of the sprint events and took second in the other – we didn’t get to see her performance today.

I hope this doesn’t continue throughout the weekend.

I understand the desire to attract new business, but give those of us who have sat around watching the games since the absolute mind-numbing paddle event and have been watching the Games since 2011 an option to watch our favorite athletes online while you puff out your chest on ESPN.


One comment on “CrossFit Games fail – streaming/TV

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