My top moments of the 2015 CrossFit Games

Some of my favorite moments from the 2015 CrossFit Games:

  • Murph: I think this was my favorite event to watch, start to finish. I think it is because I have done Murph four or five times and could relate – I have done Murph one time without partitioning the reps, too. I was really hoping to see someone go sub 30 minutes, but no one got particularly close. It was a blood bath, more so for the women. It was a car wreck for sure – it was ugly, but you still had to watch. The heat really killed a lot of athletes. I was really surprised when I read on EZ Muhammad’s Instagram that it was his first attempt at Murph with a weight vest. Watching Kara Webb sort of drunk run, mouth wide open, clearly not 100% there (probably not even 50% there) make it across the finish line. Annie Thorisdottir shut down during the second run. Athletes collapsing, girls that couldn’t even get their own vest off, it was a complete mess. Bodies hit the floor, literally. This was one the big in your face sign that some athletes don’t go “long” often enough. Those who spend 60 minutes on a rower or go on long runs did OK. The athletes that spend a lot of time doing EMOMs, sub 10 minute metcons and lots of Oly lifting really struggled. It was awesome.
  • The hand ripping during bar muscle ups: Last year the Masters got the brunt of the super hot rig and pullup bars. Those black bars sitting under the sun, plus 21 bar muscle ups that the teams had to do in the Team Synchro left nearly all athletes with ripped hands. What I don’t get is why they aren’t wearing hand protection? Everyone has some kind of hand protection these days, don’t they? I have to believe that in those amazing athlete clothing packages that Reebok provided had to be a pair of gloves. Use them. I know it isn’t macho to wear hand protection, but this is the CrossFit Games and you need to be as healthy as possible for the entire weekend. If you wear knee sleeves for squats why not hand protection for muscle ups? And this event was the second event for the teams on Friday – they had a whole weekend ahead of them. Not having your hands of all things at full health that early in the competition is a total mistake that could have been avoided.
  • The team sprints on Sunday: Not only were the short races exciting, but how they set it up so there was one race after another for six total races was awesome. Forget that Mayhem made me eat my words, it was just an awesome event with a ton of action in a short period of time.
  • Snatch Speed Ladder and the Sprint Obstacle Course: Much like the team event above, I love the short and fast events. It was great TV. Watching Dan Bailey in the Sprint Course and the men run through the heavy weights in the Snatch Ladder – awesome. Watching Muhammad drop the last bar on his head, lay on the ground and seemingly tap out only to return a minute or so later to complete the ladder – awesome. I know people didn’t like the Zig Zag event from a few years ago, but I think these events are easily the best to watch. Might not be the best test of overall fitness, but they are fun to watch.
  • Heavy clean and jerks – both team and individual: Danny Nichols STRUGGLING with 365 twice before essentially push pressing it overhead to lock out and get the weight to count was awesome. Not as awesome if he would have hit it easily and then went for 385 and then the report was if he hit 385 he would try 405, but it was still great. Rich Froning is The Champ for a reason and he hit 365. Brooke Ence hitting 245 (I think) was awesome. The only disappointment was that the individual men didn’t get REALLY big. I don’t think any of them got more than 365. I was hoping Mat Fraser, Ben Smith or Muhammad would get close to 400. I think the toll that the week had taken on the athletes to that point hurt the chance of a really big number, but it was fun to watch none the less.

Until next year (or the ECC Champsionships, Wodapalooza or The Granite Games).


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