Battle of the Rock – take 3 – review

My snatch effort at 170 - I think

My snatch effort at 170 – I think

Late last week I went through my strategy and predicted results for my first comp this year: the Battle at the Rock.

First, let me say this event keeps getting better and better. The first year I did it the final heats were completely re-seeded and the release of the schedule for the final heat took way too long. It was annoying. But CrossFit Castle Rock learned from it and last year that was not the case. This year? It was flawless. CFCR keeps learning and keeps getting better at running an event.

They had 140 athletes this year competing and one of the events was essentially an eight station max rep event. I had noticed that the heats were spaced out exactly eight minutes – leaving NO TIME for any transition between heats, re-organizing of barbells, weights, kettlebells, etc. There was no time left for a heat that starts late, no time available to make up time, just constant heats. Well, this was run perfectly. Each heat had 10 individuals and they sent us off congo style, in groups of two. So the first pair from each heat started their eight minute WOD while three pairs from the previous heat were still finishing their WOD. The way they had it laid out, the way they started us off and the way they ushered us from movement to movement was flawless.

Job well done, CrossFit Castle Rock.

On to my review.

In event one I had hoped to get 170 or 175 for the snatch complex and then 40 burpees. I planned on starting at 135, jumping to 155, 165 and then 170 or 175. After watching guys warmup I decided to start my complex at 155. It felt light/easy. So I went to 165 and then 175. That felt OK so I tried 180 and made it. I had over a minute left (and that was with allowing myself 45 seconds to rest before going for 175) so I tried 185 with 30 seconds remaining in the 4 minute window and tried to get 185, but I didn’t even get the first snatch of the complex. Still 5 pounds more than I predicted.

For the burpees I started off a lot faster than I think I planned. I was at 20 burpees after about 40 seconds. After a minute I really started to slow down. When it was over I had completed 42 burpees – 2 more than I hoped.

I hoped for a score of 215 and ended with 222. I was happy. That was good for 24th out of 79 male competitors.

I then planned on doing the floater about 10-15 minutes after event 1 was over. I quickly realized that I needed an extra few minutes to let my quads recover. I think it might have still been too soon after the first WOD.

The floater was basically 3 rounds of – about 50 meter down and back around a “wall”, grab a 60# sandbag, run down and throw the bag over the 6 foot “wall”, come back and 2 hand touch behind a yellow line. 3 rounds of that. Needless to say my legs weren’t quite ready for it and it took me 1:19 to complete.

…that was good for 75th out of 79 guys. Terrible. I wish I could have re-done that WOD.

Event 2 was the 8 minute “buffet”. It was 8 stations with 45 seconds max rep per station with 15 seconds of rest between. The order was wall ball, slam ball, KB goblet lunge, toes to bar, shoulder to overhead, deadlift, front squat and pullups. I predicted 133-152 reps and I got 153.

The ones that stuck in my head were:
S2O: I hoped for 30, only got 27
FS: I didn’t want to put the bar down, put it down twice
Wall ball: thought I could get 25, only got 23, but went UB to start
Pullups: I thought maybe 15? I think I got closer to 20.

My 152 reps was good enough for 23rd overall.

Finally, the last event was the row, clean and jerk, box jump overs and DUs WOD. I thought I could complete it in 7 minutes, but as I watched the heat in front of me and guys that looked pretty fit STRUGGLE, I thought I should just try to get it done. In the heat in front of my only one guy completed in under 8 minutes and many took close to the 10 minute cap or didn’t finish.

I wanted to pace my row, and I did, and I was still first off of the rower in my heat.
I wanted to kill the C&J and I did and was first through my first 10 C&J.
I wanted to do full BJ overs, not on and over, and I did. I paced myself and was done with my first set of 20 before anyone else in my heat.
By now I was breathing pretty damn hard and the guy right behind me in my heat had gained on the BJ.
I got through my 2nd set of C&J in 3 sets and put some more space between myself and 2nd place in my heat.
But the BJ just took it out of me and he passed me after my 15th or 16th rep. And after about 12 box jump overs, I started doing on and overs.
I got to the DUs 2nd in my heat and after getting about 30 DUBs I started to get stitches in my side. If I bent over to catch my breath my back felt like it might seize. I was in that deep dark place with nowhere to go except to just get it done.
I pieced together sets of 10, 15 or 20 to finally complete my DUs at the 8:06 mark.

The guy who passed me on the BJ did his 100 DUBs UB – asshole! I think I ended up 3rd in my heat, might have been second, but I collapsed when I was done. It took me a solid 5 minutes before I was really even close to getting my breathing under control.

I finished the final WOD in 28th place.

My original goal for the weekend was top half. With 79 competitors that meant 40th or better. I finished 37th. However, I ended up being disappointed with the finish. I finished 3 of the 4 WODs inside the top 30 with 2 inside the top 25….but that damn floater and my 75th place finish killed me.

Either way, it was a really fun day and a really well run event. Will definitely do it again next year.

One comment on “Battle of the Rock – take 3 – review

  1. lkreutzer21 says:

    You did great, dammit! Stop being so hard on yourself.

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