Finally watched a GRID match

I had some free space on one of my monitors at work and saw that GRID put the entire San Francisco Fire versus Phoenix Rise match on Youtube. I like Sam Dancer and I like most of the athletes on Phoenix because most are OPT followers, so why not give it a watch?

Here are my thoughts as I watch it (EDIT – and after I posted this I realized this was a match from last year. Are the crowds better this year? That also nullifies my point about LaChance below, too.)

  • This feels more like a high school athletic event than any sort of professional “sport”. Outside of the impressive field of play and the rig, they keep showing the teams bench (or I assume that is their “bench” area) and with the visible doors to the gym behind them it feels like this is happening in a high school gym. I am having flash backs to going to basketball games in high school.
  • Speaking of high school, I have seen bigger crowds at girls high school volleyball games. (I must admin, I never have attended a high school volleyball match, but I did attend a division two volleyball match when I was going to UNC many years ago.) I wonder how many people would be in the stands if family and significant others from the athletes were not in the crowd?
  • They just showed a fan with a Phoenix Rise t-shirt…people are buying league paraphernalia. I’m fairly shocked.
  • The coaches attire is ridiculous. Someone get these guys a stylist. Suits too big, silly hats and they look like gym rats trying to dress up. I guess that makes sense since that it what they are. They probably haven’t worn a business suit in years, if ever, and it is showing.
  • Sandbag to bar, eh? I guess they have to keep coming up with some sort of silly movement to test these athletes, right?
  • Speaking of movement, I hope some poor person who might have an interest in CrossFit doesn’t see this and decide not to give CrossFit a try based on the movement seen here. I understand that moving very quickly will cost you some points in technique, but man my back started to hurt watching some of the athletes speed through snatches.
  • I obviously don’t know or understand the rules around substitutions or who you can use from your roster, so take this next one with a grain of salt. I see Alexandra LaChance just standing on the sideline for the Phoenix Rise. After this last CrossFit Games season LaChance left OPT for another coach. I have no idea why, I just happened to notice that since I follow her on Instagram. The majority of athletes on the Phoenix Rise are OPT athletes. Many competed on their team that made the Games or are individual competitors that represent OPT. I feel like LaChance would be a better athlete at some of this than some of the other girls competing, yet she has not seen the floor during this match. I wonder if there was some sort of fallout between LaChance and OPT and if it has carried over to GRID. If there is another season…if…I wonder if she would still be on the Rise?
  • Speaking of season: how long was the season? Each team played like three or four matches? I found the standings and all teams played four matches except the Brawlers and Rise…they played five? Is that because those are the two teams that played for the Championship? What kind of season did they have?? Is it really a championship if you only play a few matches or games before the championship?
  • I wish I knew the politics behind this. Why aren’t the really big CrossFit names competing? Are there any GRID athletes on the CrossFit seminar staff? I’m guessing the answer is “no”. Is there someone at CrossFit keeping their buddies and pals from competing in hopes to kill GRID? In just watching this I don’t think it will take much to kill this. I love watching CrossFit videos, but this clearly isn’t the same and it isn’t nearly as entertaining. I think it is because they break it up so much. Why let athletes like this break up 40 reps of any particular movement between several team members? Make one person do it and show some semblance of fitness.
  • I think they need to shorten the time caps. I haven’t seen a team get close to not completing the work under a cap yet.
  • Limit the number of athletes per “race”. Limit the number of substitutions. Lower the time cap.
  • In the final race Courtney Walker was doing pistols on one leg and she was CLEARLY not getting full hip/knee extension at the top. Back to the standard of movements…there are none.

I can see why this hasn’t taken off. Again, as a CrossFit fanatic I can’t get into it. If they can’t capture CrossFit fans who will watch?

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