Starbucks Doubleshot Protein drink

I just saw a commercial on TV for a can of Starbucks coffee and the commercial boasts that it has 20 grams of protein. My first thought? “I wonder how much crap and sugar are in that can?”

I tried searching the internet for the ingredients in a can of this stuff, but in my quick search I couldn’t find anything other than the basic nutritional information.

But my search did find this: NY Daily News article.

I couldn’t say it better than this article, so I’ll stop while I am ahead.

I do wonder what the author of this article thinks the average American needs in daily protein? I take in well over 200 grams a day. Closer to 250 a day. Then again, I lift my share of iron.

11 Best Exercises to get Toned Arms – umm…no

This article is supposed to show you on how to get strong and toned arms. The title says these are the 11 best exercises and then when you click it says 11 best that don’t require a gym.

The first exercise is a “roll the ball” push up which apparently is some sort of plyo push up. My guess is that the majority of the people reading this can’t even do a good push up, much less need anything more advanced. (This requires a medicine ball of sorts which can be found at…a gym!)

The second one is called “Pilates boxing”, but I think that is just a fancy term for shadow boxing. I like to think of this is “how to look silly in your living room”.

The third movement is some sort of body contorting move. Looks like it is fairly complicated and I am sure the two pictures do it justice. And I am sure some older lady will pull an oblique doing it. (Another photo where a weight is included – I thought a gym was not required?!)

Hip Heist Push Up – uhhh…what? Look! It’s Jillian Michael’s doing something unnecessarily complicated! Again, just do push ups and do them right. Or throw your back out trying to do this one.

Biceps and arm circles – another exercise that would be more beneficial with weights. If you have all of this at your house, great. If you do, I assume you don’t need this silly article.

Tricep swing, that as pictured, will actually work your lats, not your triceps. What happened to good old skull crushers? If you are going to add weight (in which this article indicated you wouldn’t) you might as well go a bit heavier…

Kickbacks. I can’t complain about these. Not only will you need weights, but you better find a beach.

Kettlebell plank of sorts. First, the article wants you to modify the side plank so you can add weight. Why not just do a side plank from your feet? If you have that mastered, then add weight.

The ninth exercise looks to be a complicated jumping lunge with a twist at the top. Again, looks to be something that should be progressed to so someone doesn’t throw out their back. Med ball needed.

Another ab exercise in an article to help your arms. Women can’t workout without working out their abs. This is what I am learning. Of course, I always like to say “you won’t find your abs in the gym. You’ll find them in the kitchen.”

More lunges – see the ninth exercise. And more curls – see the fifth exercise. But it’s different here. They promise.

So, what I learned:

Most of these movements require weights or some other item typically found in a gym….in an article describing how to get toned arms outside of the gym. Of course, these are in no way the best exercise for toned arms. The best involve lifting heavy loads, but girls don’t want to hear that, right? They hear “heavy” and they think they will immediately look like Arnold Schwarzenegger from the mid-80’s.

Did anyone else notice that very few of the girls ACTUALLY HAD TONED ARMS in those pictures?? Most were just plain skinny with little to no definition of any kind. Is that “toned”? I would say that it isn’t. Toned should have some muscle definition. I don’t think toned has to look like this (Miranda on the left – not saying she doesn’t look good, she looks great! Just an example). While that is definitely toned, toned should at least look like this.

THIS is NOT healthy and it is NOT toned.

I’m such a sucker for listicles….

McDonald’s isn’t dying….so stop hating

McDonald’s has a big red target on their back, don’t they? I have shot at them a few times on this blog. (One, two, three and four times — maybe I love them?)

This post comes from the spattering of “McDonald’s is dying” posts I see on Facebook. Here is one example and here is another.

I think these stories are nothing more than click-bait – the attempt at the websites to get clicks to drive up their clicks and then they can charge more for advertising. Franchisees are upset about serving breakfast all day and they are crying.

I don’t know about the McDonald’s where you live, but pretty much all of them around me have gotten a nice face lift recently. I stopped at a remote McDonald’s in the mountains after hiking with my wife for a reward (dipped ice cream cone!) and even that McDonald’s had been remodeled. They are also opening up new stores near me. They just opened one two blocks from me and according to Google there are eight other McDonald’s within about 10 miles from the new one. And I live on the very southeast side of the city so those eight McDonald’s are all west and north of the new one. Imagine if they could open up some east and south?

McDonald’s isn’t going anywhere. Continue reading

Pound for Pound Review

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This workout was TERRIBLE.

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As usual, here is my post event review of my performance, and the event, for the Pound for Pound competition I did this past weekend at CrossFit LoDo.

As I wrote late last week, the workout descriptions were not very clear so while I did make some predictions, they either were not valid because the workout was different or were not accurate because some of the smaller details I had incorrect.

The first workout we did was the max deadlift. This ended up being 4 minutes total for the both of us, but we did have 2 barbells so it was OK. I did open with 355 and made that lift, added 20 pounds and made 375 which felt OK, so I added another 10 pounds and waited until our time was nearly over and PR’d with 385. All in all I hoped to PR and I did. Unfortunately, in this competition, my PR was still woefully short of where it needed to be. My score for this event was 385 divided by 210 (my body weight) for a score of 1.8. Most of the guys were scoring closer to 2.25 or 2.5.

The second workout I wasn’t sure how many 500m rows we would need to complete or the exact time domain. Also, when I wrote last week it was a clean and jerk after the 500m…well…there were 2 separate 4 min windows with 1 minute rest between. In each there was a 500m row and the remaining time was a clean and _2_ shoulder to overheads, not just one. This was at 80% of my body weight, so I was using 170 pounds. Each partner had to start 1 of the rows and each time the person hanging from the bar dropped we had to switch.

My partner killed it and didn’t drop off of the bar for the 1st row and I finished the row in about 1:35. She went straight to the bar and started moving it. She did a few reps of the complex and then I would do 1 or 2. She would do 3 and I would do 1 or 2. We sort of followed that pattern for the remaining 2+ minutes. In the 2nd 4 minute workout she started on the row and I started on the hang. I was only able to hang for about 30 or 35 seconds and we switched. She killed it again and I finished the row. This time I think it was closer to 1:45 like I predicted if we should need to switch. We followed the same format for the clean and 2 S2O.

In the end we finished with 90 reps. I was pretty satisfied with that total and we were both exhausted. Continue reading

Pound for Pound comp

This weekend is my second competition of the year – the Pound for Pound challenge at CrossFit LoDo. This comp is a team comp and I am competing with a female from my gym.

The idea behind the Pound for Pound is that weights are based off of a body weight percentage, thus leveling the field for the “smaller guy/girl”. Which, of course, makes me wonder why in the hell am I doing this??

I can’t really go through a run down/prediction for each event as half of it will be based on what my partner can do, but here are my thoughts and guesses as to how well we do.

Event 1 will be our floater. Our first scheduled WOD isn’t until nearly 11 so we are going to do our floater first. The floater is 4 minutes to find 1RM deadlift. I am not sure if this 4 minutes total for the team or 4 minutes for each team member. Either way I hope to warm up to 350-360 pounds and see how that feels. I hope that it feels OK and I open with that when the clock starts. Then, maybe add 10-15 pounds and pull again? In 4 minutes I don’t think I can pull 3 really heavy deadlifts. Ideally I would pull at the 0 mark, 90 second mark and a third pull right before the 4 minutes is up. This is largely dependent on how I feel. I think my current PR is 375 and I would ecstatic to hit that. If I somehow PR I would be super excited.

Event 2 (WOD 1) is also a bit confusing. While I tried to clarify via Facebook I am still not quite sure what the WOD is. Here is the description of the workout:

2 Rounds for Total Reps 4 Minutes on the clock:

Partner 1: Row 500 meters

Partner 2: Dead hang on the pull up bar

If the partner falls out, partners must switch to finish the row. Once row is completed, partners complete As many hang clean and jerks (80%/70%) as possible in remaining time. Only 1 partner my have their hands on the bar at any given time. The Bar must be resting on the ground before other partner can pick up. 1 Minute rest between rounds

So does this mean there are essentially two 2-minute workouts that are back to back? Does 1 partner row 500m and in the remaining 2 minutes do as many C&J as possible? Then, at the 2 minute mark the 2nd partner rows 500m? I am not sure.

If it is 2 separate workouts in a 4 minute block, then this is really interesting. We can switch as much as possible (when someone drops off the bar you HAVE to switch). Will we even complete 500m in 2 minutes? My 500m PR is like 1:31, but if we have to switch because my partner falls off of the bar (and that is likely as hanging from a bar for 90 seconds isn’t easy), that will certainly add time for the transition and she can’t row as fast. If this is the case, we won’t get many reps in the C&J. I can’t imagine many teams will. Most girls row 500m in like 1:45 or more, right? Add in a transition or 2 and teams will be lucky to complete 500m in under 2 minutes.

Now, if it is just 1 500m row and the remaining time is C&J, that is different. If my partner can hold for like 30 or 45 seconds I can get a solid 250+ meters rowed. I can’t hang from the bar for that long, so she will get only a few pulls and then hopefully we transition once more and I finish the row. Let’s say we get done with the row around 2 minutes, that leaves 2 minutes to do C&J. I will be using 80% of my body weight, or about 160-165 pounds (depending on exactly what I weigh and if they round up or down). I can do a few reps at that weight at a time pretty easily, but not sure after going basically all out on a 500m row. If I had to guess the weight of my partner she will be using about 100 pounds and I know she can rep those. I would say best case is we get 15 reps in per minute for a total of 30 C&J reps.

…but…that could easily change if I am reading the workout incorrectly.

Event 3 (WOD 2) is …
4 minutes for Partner 1 to run 800m
Minutes 4-6 is max OHS at 60/50% body weight
Minutes 6-8 is max hang snatch at same weight
Minutes 8-10 is max burpee box jump overs
Minute 11 (I guess there is a minute rest?) is 800m run for Partner 2
One catch here is that while 1 partner is doing max OHS or snatch, the other partner can do burpee box jumps and score more points.

The only prediction I have here is that I run first and gas out as much as possible and hope to complete the run in about 3-3:15. My partner will do most of the OHS and while she is doing those I will get in some burpee box jumps. We will just try to keep moving…

Final event (WOD 3) is going to really, really suck (as if WOD 2 won’t). The final event is scored as a 10 minute AMRAP of wall balls. As if that doesn’t sound bad enough, the wall ball weight is 30/20 pounds. And if THAT wasn’t bad enough, each time the ball stops moving (meaning you can’t rest and hold it, because that means it stopped) before the partner NOT doing wall balls can start doing wall balls they must “buy-in” with 5 burpees and 7 pullups. So, if I am doing wall balls my partner is resting. Once I stop in any fashion (drop the ball, attempt to rest with it or just need to stop) she has to do 5 burpees and 7 pullups before she can start her wall balls. When she stops, I have to do the same. This repeats for 10 minutes.

Sounds absolutely terrible and I actually sort of like wall balls and I do like burpees.

All I can hope for here is that I don’t throw up. I think if you average 10 wall balls a minute with the heavier than typical ball and extra work required to start the wall balls you would be doing really well. So if we get 100 wall balls I will be happy.

It’s going to be a challenging day and I think it will be harder than I expected a team competition to be. I will report back on Monday with the results.