McDonald’s isn’t dying….so stop hating

McDonald’s has a big red target on their back, don’t they? I have shot at them a few times on this blog. (One, two, three and four times — maybe I love them?)

This post comes from the spattering of “McDonald’s is dying” posts I see on Facebook. Here is one example and here is another.

I think these stories are nothing more than click-bait – the attempt at the websites to get clicks to drive up their clicks and then they can charge more for advertising. Franchisees are upset about serving breakfast all day and they are crying.

I don’t know about the McDonald’s where you live, but pretty much all of them around me have gotten a nice face lift recently. I stopped at a remote McDonald’s in the mountains after hiking with my wife for a reward (dipped ice cream cone!) and even that McDonald’s had been remodeled. They are also opening up new stores near me. They just opened one two blocks from me and according to Google there are eight other McDonald’s within about 10 miles from the new one. And I live on the very southeast side of the city so those eight McDonald’s are all west and north of the new one. Imagine if they could open up some east and south?

McDonald’s isn’t going anywhere.

According to this site McDonald’s still has nearly three times the market share of the nearest competitor.

When I read this I take away that McDonald’s isn’t GROWING, but they aren’t really regressing, either. They still own the market for fast food or fast casual.

This one also says that McDonald’s isn’t growing as fast as their biggest competitors…but their revenue is still FAR above their nearest competitor.

McDonald’s isn’t going away. The doomsday articles making their rounds on Facebook are premature.

Now onto my next topic – why hate so much on McDonald’s? At least they are trying, a little bit. I can’t believe I am defending McDonald’s….

What about Sonic? Or Burger King? Or Popeye’s? Or Taco Bell? NONE of those are even attempting at getting healthier. In fact, I would say that Sonic has said “fuck it – we are going to get America as fat as possible”.

I looked at Sonic’s nutrition and good luck eating for less than 700 or 800 calories. And you know you want a slushy or shake if you go to Sonic – there’s another 1,000 calories. I don’t need to look at their ingredients to know that they are full of garbage just like McDonald’s.

So you avoid eating at McDonald’s but go to Wendy’s instead. Big whoop. Either way the food is terrible for you. The food, even if you get a salad, is full of crap ingredients. It’s full of hormones and other garbage.

If there was a healthy fast food – not fast casual like Chipotle – then I could see piling on McDonald’s for being horrible for you, but if you are in a crunch and need to drive through and get something quick McDonald’s isn’t any worse for you than any other place you might visit.


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