11 Best Exercises to get Toned Arms – umm…no

This article is supposed to show you on how to get strong and toned arms. The title says these are the 11 best exercises and then when you click it says 11 best that don’t require a gym.

The first exercise is a “roll the ball” push up which apparently is some sort of plyo push up. My guess is that the majority of the people reading this can’t even do a good push up, much less need anything more advanced. (This requires a medicine ball of sorts which can be found at…a gym!)

The second one is called “Pilates boxing”, but I think that is just a fancy term for shadow boxing. I like to think of this is “how to look silly in your living room”.

The third movement is some sort of body contorting move. Looks like it is fairly complicated and I am sure the two pictures do it justice. And I am sure some older lady will pull an oblique doing it. (Another photo where a weight is included – I thought a gym was not required?!)

Hip Heist Push Up – uhhh…what? Look! It’s Jillian Michael’s doing something unnecessarily complicated! Again, just do push ups and do them right. Or throw your back out trying to do this one.

Biceps and arm circles – another exercise that would be more beneficial with weights. If you have all of this at your house, great. If you do, I assume you don’t need this silly article.

Tricep swing, that as pictured, will actually work your lats, not your triceps. What happened to good old skull crushers? If you are going to add weight (in which this article indicated you wouldn’t) you might as well go a bit heavier…

Kickbacks. I can’t complain about these. Not only will you need weights, but you better find a beach.

Kettlebell plank of sorts. First, the article wants you to modify the side plank so you can add weight. Why not just do a side plank from your feet? If you have that mastered, then add weight.

The ninth exercise looks to be a complicated jumping lunge with a twist at the top. Again, looks to be something that should be progressed to so someone doesn’t throw out their back. Med ball needed.

Another ab exercise in an article to help your arms. Women can’t workout without working out their abs. This is what I am learning. Of course, I always like to say “you won’t find your abs in the gym. You’ll find them in the kitchen.”

More lunges – see the ninth exercise. And more curls – see the fifth exercise. But it’s different here. They promise.

So, what I learned:

Most of these movements require weights or some other item typically found in a gym….in an article describing how to get toned arms outside of the gym. Of course, these are in no way the best exercise for toned arms. The best involve lifting heavy loads, but girls don’t want to hear that, right? They hear “heavy” and they think they will immediately look like Arnold Schwarzenegger from the mid-80’s.

Did anyone else notice that very few of the girls ACTUALLY HAD TONED ARMS in those pictures?? Most were just plain skinny with little to no definition of any kind. Is that “toned”? I would say that it isn’t. Toned should have some muscle definition. I don’t think toned has to look like this (Miranda on the left – not saying she doesn’t look good, she looks great! Just an example). While that is definitely toned, toned should at least look like this.

THIS is NOT healthy and it is NOT toned.

I’m such a sucker for listicles….

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