I am getting sick of my son’s school trying to be “healthy”

I received an email notifying me that next week is bike or walk to school day. Great idea! Within the email was a link to sign up to help or bring things. Here is that list:


Bagels? Cream cheese (how many “light” or “low fat” tubs of cream cheese will be available….full of chemicals and crap?) and DONUTS?!

I get it. Many people have different views on what is healthy and what is not. While we all know that bagels are just a less sweet version of a donut, some people might still be living in a world where a blueberry bagel with light cream cheese is a good option for breakfast. So, whatever.

But donuts?! There is NOTHING healthy about a donut. And don’t link me to Deadlifts and Donuts. If we are trying to teach young minds what is healthy then we do not give them donuts. Ever. And especially on a day in which we are trying to teach them what is healthy.

Hey – for an award for walking a few blocks to school, have a donut! It is sort of like the vending machine at my kids gymnastics school – it is full of absolute shit. There isn’t one thing in that snack machine that any young aspiring athlete of any kind should eat. And giving a 2nd grader donuts just because they rode their bike to school is stupid.

And where is the protein? I know it’s expensive, but can someone hard boil and egg or 100?

At least there is fruit as an option.

And I guarantee there will be kids eating donuts that didn’t even ride a bike or walk to school.

We wonder why our kids are fat. Donuts on bike to school day and pizza twice a week in the cafeteria. I can tell you where to start looking if you wonder why your kid is fat.