A day in the life at 24 Hour Fitness

I have been going to 24 Hour Fitness again on Thursday nights as I have a few hours to spare. I use this time mostly as meat head time – I do “body building” exercises as opposed to “functional fitness”. You can find me doing curls, lat pull downs, leg curls and extensions and other exercises mainly utilized on focusing on one muscle group. Very few compound exercises.

Anyway, last Thursday I saw one lady doing shoulder work on a machine…while watching TV. Not sure she actually had any resistance on the machine, but her eyes were certainly getting a workout watching TV.

Then I also saw this:

Gotta love the people who are more worried about looking at Facebook or posting to Facebook than working out. She did move her legs, occasionally, but didn’t take her eyes off of her phone.

Say what you will about CrossFit, but you don’t see this during a CrossFit class.

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