Why is it so hard to find results?

One thing I have yet to understand about CrossFit and Weightlifting competitions is why it is so hard to find results. To my point:

Rush Club is some sort of “Fight Club” esque CrossFit competition. I really have no interest in actually watching one of these, but I am curious enough to search to see who won the day after. I like EZ Muhammad and I like Becky Conzelman since she is from Denver and Annie Sakamoto because she is a CrossFit OG…they were part of the Rush Club event last night.

I have scoured the Rush Club website and cannot find “results” anywhere. Nothing even remote to results. For this weekend’s match or any past match. Why wouldn’t this be super easy to find?

There was a local competition a few weeks ago with a few big name CrossFitters competing – same thing, couldn’t find the results.

Why so secretive?

Now, how about a major competition involving athletes, male and female, from all over the world? Enter the IWF in Houston right now. The best of the best in Weightlifting (well, minus the best lifter in the world) are competing. There is a “fan guide” but results are not to be found.

Take a look and let me know if you find anything. I can’t. Here is what I see at 7:23pm on Sunday night:


Nothing jumps out to show me the results. How disappointing. I have seen a lot of lifts via Instagram, but no results.

Local smaller competitions, however, seem to nail it. This weekend MBS had their Turkey Challenge and there is a link titled “Scoreboard” right on the main page. Why can’t the big boys follow suit?

If they want to attract new fans, make it easy to find results. All the major sports don’t hide their results. UFC makes it easy. Hard to find a score on ESPN? Nope. Fix it, IWF. Fix it.

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