Which shoe is winning in the world of competitive exercising?

Ever since the Nike Metcon came out to rival the Reebok Nano there has become more and more of a me versus them feeling in some Instagram posts and other social media. When Nike parked their truck across the street from last year’s Reebok CrossFit Games, shots were fired.


For the last few years, since Reebok became the primary sponsor of the CrossFit Games, competing athletes cannot wear anything other than Reebok apparel, including shoes. Same thing is happening in the UFC now since Reebok became the primary sponsor for the UFC this past year.

This leaves athletes like Dan Bailey who train in Inov8 shoes year around to have to compete in Reebok shoes at the Games. And, more importantly, since money drives all, now that Nike has a shoe in the competitive exercising market they want the exposure of the CrossFit Games, too. Of course Reebok says “Hell to the no”.

Which shoe is better? Which shoe has the better athletes? Let’s see.

Podium finishers from the 2015 CrossFit Games:

Men: Ben Smith (Reebok), Mat Fraser (Nike), B.K. Guomondsson (Reebok)
Women: Katrin Davidsdottir (Reebok), Tia Toomey (Reebok), Sara Sigmundsdottir (Nike)
Teams: Not sure about all athletes, but Mayhem is Froning and Hobart who are Reebok and I think most of Ute is also Reebok.

Nike has continued to make a push for some of the best of the best in the competitive exercising world. Reebok had quite a head start, but Nike is catching up.

Here are some recent high profile events with a lot of big name CrossFit athletes in the field.

Granite Games
Men: Albert Dominc Larouche (Reebok), Alex Anderson (not sure if he is sponsored, but a lot of Nikes on Instagram), Garret Fisher (Reebok)
Women: Sara Sigmundsdottir (Nike), Sam Briggs (Reebok), Nicole Holocomb (Reebok)

Men: Noah Olsen (Nike), Garret Fisher (Reebok – not sure he is sponsored by Reebok, though), Wil Moorad (Reebok)
Women: Brooke Wells (I think No Bull is her sponsor for shoes, but she is wearing Reebok lifters in all of her Instagram posts for Olympic lifting), Emily Bridgers (Reebok), Kari Pearce (don’t believe she has a shoe sponsor, but looks like she wears Reeboks a lot)

EC Championships
Men: Mat Fraser (Nike), Noah Olsen (Nike), Garret Fisher (Reebok)
Women: Sara Sigmundsdottir (Nike), Maddy Myers (not sure she is sponsored, but she works out in Nikes), Tasia Percevecz (again, not sure she is sponsored, but she wears Reeboks)

I’m sure I missed quite a few competitions, but this is a pretty good list. And with these lists I count 15 athletes wearing Reeboks and 9 wearing Nikes. Pretty close gap since the Metcons are only a few years old and Reebok as been marketing to this genre of shoe buyers for quite a bit longer.

Unfortunately I don’t see Reebok giving up their sponsorship of the CrossFit Games anytime soon so we won’t be seeing Nikes at the Games, but it is getting interesting with how many upper echelon CrossFit athletes are wearing Nikes now.

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