Who do you root for in CrossFit?

When you lay in bed on a Monday night, combing through each Region’s leadboard, who are you looking for? Who are you rooting for? Why?

You don’t lay in bed on Monday night combing through leaderboards? I can’t be the only one that does this. I skip a few Region’s, like Africa and South America, but I look at almost all the Region’s, men and women.

Outside of rooting for individuals from Denver, here is how I decide who to root for.

First, they probably have to have an Instagram account that I follow. I follow a lot of the “big name” CrossFitters. And even some of the smaller ones. If they aren’t in the public eye then I don’t know much about them, thus do not have the ability to build a rooting interest. CrossFit isn’t like other sports where you can get plenty of information about athletes just by reading blogs, watching ESPN and reading other sports related sites. There is very little information about the athletes online to learn where they come from, what sort of person they are, are they funny, etc.

While plenty of ladies in CrossFit are hot, this has no bearing on whether or not I want to see them win. I can say the same for the guys (I mean, Froning I suppose is cute, but I really wouldn’t know…).

What deters me are athletes who post a lot of pictures of themselves looking ripped up but when it comes to perform they do not. A lot of these folks also post a LOT. And not only do they post a LOT, but they post a lot of pictures of them selling products. There is NOTHING wrong with that. Can’t hate on anyone for making money. However, I tend not to root for those folks when they compete. Off the top of my head I think of Jackie Perez and Jared Stevens. I mean, they both crush it compared to 99% of CrossFitters, but they post a LOT of pictures promoting one product or another, but neither will make Regionals as an individual. To me they are sort of the crossbreed of CrossFitter – highly functional fitness – and those fitness models that litter Instagram – they look amazing, but aren’t functional.

I love those who are genuine and, in my eyes, are rarely trying to sell me something. They also show other aspects of their lives. Elisabeth Akinwale is on the top of this list, in my opinion. She seems to be very genuine, nice and loving and I like how authentic she is with her son in her posts. Kara Webb and her attitude towards everything is also great. I love that she is one and done with the Open workouts. She kills it and remains humble. Natalie Newhart has been a favorite of mine ever since she struggled with the heavy deadlifts in the final (or 2nd to last event) of the 2013 CrossFit Games. Newhart rarely posts on Instagram but you just know she is putting in work. And her work looks to be paying off as she is currently tied with Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet in the Southwest Region. When she beat Andrea Ager two years ago in the Turkey Challenge (a local event in Denver) it made me root for her even more.

Speaking of Ager, I don’t root for her. Seeing her compete live, I think she has quite the facade. For someone who portrays herself as a down to Earth, God fearing, fun loving individual, she is really full of herself. From the time she thought she was better than the rules at the Turkey Challenge (scroll to the first bullet point under the “positives” to read more) to the time she waved to the spectators at a local Barbells for Boobs event like she is a celebrity, really soured me.

For the men I typically root for a guy I think it would be fun to hangout with. Josh Bridges might be the best example of that. If he is in a CrossFit video, you need to watch. He is hilarious. I am rooting hard for him to make it back to the Games this year. For some reason Noah Olsen rubs me wrong – like he is just trying to hard to be part of the “in crowd”, whoever that might be. How can you not root for Lucas Parker? Talk about being genuine to yourself. Finally, speaking of genuine, I would love to see Sam Dancer make a serious run at the Games as an individual.

Those are my 100% superficial, I don’t actually know any of these folks, opinions and who I root for. Who do you root for? Any particular reason?

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