This happened today

I was as shocked and surprised as anyone when Castro announced BAR muscle ups on Thursday night. Sure, I have been practicing ring muscle ups, especially a lot over the last month. I was a bit upset and then depressed and then I watched a lot of videos…they sure made it look easy.

I went into the gym on Friday morning with the intent to judge/coach a bunch of my athletes on 16.3 and when I could practice the bar muscle up. It wasn’t happening.

After some thought about the movement during the day I decided I was getting too parallel to the floor. I thought I should try to just do an aggressive chest-to-bar and at the same time pull my knees towards the ceiling, sort of like a kipping ring dip. This is how I got my first muscle up. I tried once and nearly got over the bar. Tried again, and it happened. Tried again and it happened again. And so the third time I got video:

Now that it happened I am going to practice over the weekend and take on 16.3 on Monday. Maybe I will even be able to link 3 together?

2 comments on “This happened today

  1. minwest says:

    Woohoo! Awesome job!

  2. […] to aggressively bring my knees up to the ceiling and I was able to get one muscle up. Then two. Got a video of my third. And in between judging throughout the night I probably got 12-15 more muscle ups without a single […]

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