Josh Bridges and 16.4


Bridges has been penalized for the video.

First – how is it fair to penalize him now? Same as the issue with OPEX. If HQ approved the video submission on Friday, then how can they go back on their word? Just like they did with OPEX. I am sure if HQ told Bridges on Friday that his video was not acceptable he would have redid the workout. But they waited until after the internet cried and then they penalized. Another hit to the legitimacy of CrossFit as a sport.

Second – Again, nothing said about the HSPU. Nothing in the video showing the standard was set correctly and nothing showing that his heels were clearing the line. All the talk is about the deadlifts, but the HSPU as much more questionable.

The good news is that this terrible decision and really poor handling of this by CrossFit will not effect whether or not Bridges makes it to Regionals. Even with the penalty he still finishes inside the top 10 in his region and will still easily make Regionals. Would love to see Bridges at the Games in 2016.


How is this acceptable?

Let’s just move past the deadlifts and if Josh Bridges (blue shirt) was fully extending at the top of every rep. I am more than willing to give him the benefit of the doubt here due to lens angle. I mean, if the guy on the far right is standing up all the way, then Josh definitely is.

What happened to showing standards before the video starts? Where is the part of the video showing that Bridges had his toes against the wall, arms fully extended with thumbs touching? Why isn’t that shown? Why isn’t the initial measurement for the handstand pushups shown? Last year that was a requirement, right?

Even if the measurement is accurate how you can possibly tell if his heels are getting above the line at the top of his HSPU? Can you even SEE the line? I can’t. If you can’t see the line how could you possibly tell if he was meeting standards at the top of his HSPU? That camera angle sucks for seeing that standard anyway.

And what about the rower? Did he row 55 calories? Who knows?!

I love Bridges and doubt he did anything wrong, but there are standards for a reason. Maybe there was video evidence submitted to CrossFit showing the measurement, the display of the rower and a camera angle showing his heels clearing the line? Maybe. But if this was the only video submitted then I don’t see how the score should be allowed.

Same goes for Kara Webb and her video. I swear there are several (half?) of her HSPU where her heels do not get over the top of the tape.

The HSPU standards make it difficult to do HSPU, which is fine, but they are sooo subjective from affiliate to affiliate. They can’t have them in the Open anymore.

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