More CrossFit Games Athletes Retiring

CrossFit is hard. If it wasn’t hard it wouldn’t be effective. If it wasn’t hard everyone would be doing it. It’s heavy, it’s long, it’s light, it’s short, it’s calisthenics, it’s barbells, it’s running, it’s jumping, it’s everything. It’s hard doing CrossFit several days per week. It must be REALLY hard doing it as a profession.

It’s Friday morning as I am writing this and I am pretty damn sore from this previous week. I worked out everyday, including only doing heavy deadlifts this morning and doing a two-a-day yesterday with my first workout being a PiYo class. I feel pretty beat up. I feel like a rest day is needed. And I probably only did a third or a quarter of what a CrossFit Games hopeful would do in terms of volume.

To be a Games athlete you need to work out several times a day, multiple days per week. Not just twice a day for a few days, but like three or four times a day for multiple days and on the one or two days when you only do one or two workouts…those are your “rest” days. Maybe there are a few Games level athletes who take true, honest, doing nothing rest days, but I think those are few and far between.

That has to be a toll on your body. That has to be a toll on your brain. That has to be a toll on your relationships with humans who are not in the gym 24×7. That has to be a toll on anyone.

And we are starting to see athletes “retire” who many would never think would do so. Starting last year with Rich Froning and Jason Khalipa and now we have these two announcements:


So happy to do this one last time. #eastregionals #reebok

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Sam Briggs and Michele Letendre are both athletes that I would have never guessed were ready to hang it up. Maybe they are both planning on going team? I don’t think either of them do the GRID thing.

I am super shocked by Briggs. She has always struck me as someone who loves to do this. Loves the work. Loves the hours of conditioning. If I had to make a list of Games athletes that I thought would do this regardless if there was such a thing as the Games her name would be near the top of the list along with names like Ben Smith, Dan Bailey and Elisabeth Akinwale. She seems to really enjoy rowing, maybe she will focus on that?

As for Letendre I could see her going team. I think she trains (or at least had been training) under Ben Bergeron and I could see him trying to put together a team of athletes to challenge Froning’s team. I could also see the team competition being the fan favorite at the Games in the near future – and possibly even where CrossFit ultimately ends up for competitions. I know I certainly enjoy competing as part of a team more than as an individual and watching the team comps is more fun, too, I think.

Or maybe this is just a case of “In with the new, out with the old”? Out goes a Briggs who has been a part of the CrossFit Games for several years and in comes athletes like Brooke Wells who are still young and hungry.

Will there be more in the coming weeks? Did I miss one?


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