2016 Regional Predictions

I have predicted Regional results each of the past 2 years. I might as well show the Internet, once again, how wrong I can be. Let me just cut to the chase and my stupidity:

South Regional
Men: Travis Williams, Roy Gamboa, Adrian Conway, Sean Sweeney and EZ Muhammad. Lots of new names in my home region this year. No Spealler, Chan, Hoppe, Burke, Lucero and more.
Women: Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Tiffany Hendrickson, Michelle Kinney, Alyssa Ritchey and Candice Wagner out of nowhere (sort of). Since Ms. Newhart was DQ’d for using steroids CLB will absolutely obliterate the competition in the South.
Teams: BackCountry Black, Max Effort Avengers, CrossFit Omnia, CrossFit Jaakarhu and #TeamDensity. Two CrossFit gyms from my area make it in BCB and Omnia.

California Regional
Men: Josh Bridges, Garrett Fisher, Marcus Filly, Dan Bailey and Rasmus Anderson. Stack region. STACKED. This leaves out names like Christian Lucero and Kenny Leverich. Can’t wait to watch this one.
Women: Chyna Cho, Brooke Ence, Lauren Fisher, Jamie Hagiya and I have to go with Becca Voigt – I learned my lesson the past 2 years leaving her out. No Alessandra Pichelli, Molly Vollmer or Colleen Fotsch.
Team: Invictus, Diablo Anejo, 808, CDR and Stay Classy. The Invictus girls are super strong.

Pacific Regional
Men: Rob Forte, Khan Porter, Brandon Swan, Kyle Frankenfeld and James Newbury
Women: Kara Webb, Ruth Anderson Horrell, Aletha Boon, Tia-Clair Toomey and Helen Harding.
Team: Let’s be honest, I have no idea…

Atlantic Regional
Men: Noah Olsen, Ben Smith, Alec Smith, Travis Mayer and Jordan Troyan. Alec joins big bro this year.
Women: Emily Bridgers, Sarabeth Phillips, Cassidy Lance, Christy Adkins and Anna Tunnicliffe.
Team: Peak 360, 12 Labours, Explode, Soul and Bound.

West Regional
Men: Brent Fikowski, Cole Sager, Ben Stoneberg, Lucas Parker and Jonathan Gibson
Women: Emily Abbott, Margaux Alvarez, Regan Huckaby, Alex Parker and Chelsea Nicholas.
Team: Fort Vancouver, Marysville, Spokane Valley, Undefeated and Centaurs.

Meridian Regional
Men: B. Karl Guomundsson, Jonne Koski, Frederik Aegidius, Lukas Hogberg and Mikko Aronpaa.
Women: Sam Briggs, Sara Sigmundsdottir, Annie Thorisdottir, Kristin Holte and Erla Helgadottir. This is going to be a lot of fun to watch. Briggs and Annie get to try to hold off Sara.
Team: Nordic OPEX, Copenhagen 1, Reykjavik, Solid and Idol

Central Regional
Men: Scott Panchik, Jacob Heppner, Sam Dancer, Will Moorad and Nick Urankar. No Graham Holmberg at the games in 2016.
Women: Brooke Wells, Stacie Tovar, Elizabeth Akinwale, Jenn Smith and Julie Foucher. With not near the volume as the other girls Foucher still sneaks in. And how I would love to be standing BEHIND this podium…
Team: Mayhem, Timberwolf, Kilo, Three Kings Black and Kinesis behind Kasperbauer.

East Regional
Men: Matt Fraser, Paul Tremblay, Dan Tyminski, Spencer Hendel and Chase Smith.
Women: Michelle Letendre, Katrin Davidsdottir, Kari Pearce, Dani Horan and Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault. I think this is the first sign that Katrin was a fluke last year in scoring because of the F’d up scoring in the final event at the Games.
Team: Milford Black, JaktRX Red, Dynamix, Back Bay and Pro1 Montreal.


I’ll check back in a few weeks to see how poorly I did. I can’t WAIT for Friday!!!

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