Recalculating the Pacific, California and South Regionals

Take this for what it’s worth – a what if. A big what if. If you took the top five to seven finishers from each Regional from this past weekend and compared their times who would qualify for the Games would change up quite a bit.

For the men:


With the smaller number of competitors the poor finishes don’t hurt as bad. But if you take just the top competitors from each Region and calculate their times and scores then Dan Bailey is the second best finisher from this past weekend. Meanwhile Garrett Fisher falls all the way to the bottom.

Again, take it for what it’s worth, but this just shows that Bailey, when compared to the best of the best, is still really fit.

For the women:


The ladies from the Pacific really dominate. Webb, just like Bridges, shows that she is clearly the #1 competitor. The ladies don’t shake up nearly as much. Ence, for example, is still towards the bottom looking in. But the fifth place finished in the Pacific trails by a pretty good margin after Fotsch and Ence.

I have never really liked the scoring system that CrossFit uses. I think due to the faulty system last year Davidsdottir won because of the wonky scoring for those who tied (all those ladies who couldn’t complete one trip up the peg board). I haven’t put a lot of thought into a better system, but I feel like there has to be a better system. I wonder how this would look if you just went the other way – one point for first, two for second, three for third, etc. Would everyone still fall out the same?

Things shake up a little bit for the men:


I don’t know…but that feels better. Doesn’t it? Bridges, Bailey, Gamboa, Williams, Porter, Filly…all of them towards the top. It doesn’t really change too much.

For the women:


Just a little shake up with this scoring system in the South with CLB dropping to third best out of the top three from that Regional.

I’m probably just searching to make a case for Bailey to qualify for the Games.


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