The 12 men who didn’t get capped at Regionals

I just watched the last update show from this past weekend and they said that 12 men didn’t get capped in any event in Regionals. They were the only 12 athletes that could say that. All of the rest of the athletes that competed at Regionals were capped in at least 1 event. So who were those 12? The update show didn’t say. Here they are:

  • Mat Fraser (3rd weekend)
  • Josh Bridges (1st weekend)
  • Albert-Dominic Larouche (3rd)
  • Christian Lucero (1st)
  • Scott Panchik (3rd)
  • Alex Anderson (3rd)
  • Graham Holmberg (3rd – didn’t qualify for the Games)
  • Bjorg Karl Guomundsson (3rd)
  • Adrian Mundwiler (3rd)
  • Zeke Grove (1st)
  • Brent Fikowski (2nd)
  • Ben Stoneberg (2nd)

Yes, that means guys like Ben Smith, Noah Olsen, Dan Bailey, Roy Gamboa, Travis Williams, hell – EVERYONE in the South and Atlantic Regional were capped in at least 1 event.

That’s a short list with some impressive names on it…and a few I have never heard of (Zeke Grove?). But look at the names who DIDN’T complete all the events this weekend? Some really impressive names on that list. And poor Holmberg. I think he is the only one to complete all the events and NOT qualify for the Games. Seems kind of a shame, doesn’t it? When other guys in his region are going to the Games who couldn’t finish every event.

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