Finally cancelled my 24 Hour Fitness membership

I posted this on my Facebook page today and thought I could elaborate a bit more and in this forum it is accessible to so many more who might find it useful.

My Facebook post:

Cancelled my 24 hour membership this morning. I have had that membership for 18 years – since 1998 they told me. I have kept it for years, despite the vast majority of my exercise taking place inside a CrossFit gym over the past 5 years or so. Always thought I might use their sauna or pool. – HAHAH!

To celebrate – here is a list of things I have found in 5 years of CrossFit that I never found in 18 years at 24 Hour Fitness

1. My feet. I can see my feet now.

2. Friends. Never met anyone at 24 Hour. Never got involved. Never made a change. They didn’t care about me and my results reflected that. Continue reading