Finally cancelled my 24 Hour Fitness membership

I posted this on my Facebook page today and thought I could elaborate a bit more and in this forum it is accessible to so many more who might find it useful.

My Facebook post:

Cancelled my 24 hour membership this morning. I have had that membership for 18 years – since 1998 they told me. I have kept it for years, despite the vast majority of my exercise taking place inside a CrossFit gym over the past 5 years or so. Always thought I might use their sauna or pool. – HAHAH!

To celebrate – here is a list of things I have found in 5 years of CrossFit that I never found in 18 years at 24 Hour Fitness

1. My feet. I can see my feet now.

2. Friends. Never met anyone at 24 Hour. Never got involved. Never made a change. They didn’t care about me and my results reflected that.

3. Quads – I actually squat now. Sure, I benched the hell out of barbells at 24 Hour Fitness because benching was easy for me. I steered clear of the “hard” stuff. No deadlifts or squats at 24 Hour, those made me sweat.

4. New skills – muscle ups, pull ups, hand stands, hand stand push ups, Olympic lifts…the list goes on and on. I sure owned those “machines” at 24 Hour, though!

5. Progress. I never made any real progress at 24 Hour Fitness. Since doing CrossFit I have added over 200 lbs to my deadlift, almost tripled by back squat weight and can lift exponentially more in other lifts that I didn’t even know existed while working out at 24 Hour. Oh, and that bench press, I have added at least 70# to that despite doing 3×10 twice a week plus dumbbell fly’s, pec decks and other stupid exercises.

6. Happiness. I originally joined 24 Hour fitness after my 1st trip to Las Vegas. Thought if I could lose weight then maybe something would actually happen in Vegas that is worth “staying in Vegas”. 13 years later I was still fat. 24 Hour didn’t care if I showed up the next day or not. 24 Hour doesn’t care if I put in real work – no motivation. After 5 years of CrossFit I can truly say I am much happier than all my time at 24 Hour. I got results. I am one of those people that others say “how can you eat so much and not gain weight?!” – I used to be the person asking that question.

Sure, pretty much everything above could be put squarely on my shoulders. Some people are already fit and get REALLY fit at 24 Hour Fitness. Understood. Some of us need help. There should be people at the gym there to help you. There isn’t at 24 Hour Fitness. Good luck joining a CrossFit gym and not having a trainer pushing you to work harder, achieve things you didn’t think were possible and holding you accountable to come back tomorrow.

While $14 a month for a 24 Hour Fitness membership is super cheap – that’s what happens when you join before there were Super Sports and other versions that cost more $$$ – it’s not worth my time. Never really was. I only wish I had found CrossFit sooner.

So, to my CrossFit friends, when someone asks you why you pay so much for your CrossFit membership when you could join a globo gym for so much less, feel free to direct them to this post. Since when is “cheap” equal to “good”? Much less when it is your BODY – the only one you will ever get – that you or they are being cheap with?

—–end Facebook post

This is where I thought I would elaborate, but I don’t think any is needed. Who am I kidding? I can almost always type more than is needed!

I could have paid for a trainer, but in all my years at 24 Hour I saw a LOT – A LOT! – of people with a trainer and in almost EVERY case the client wasn’t sweating. They were doing a lot of chatting. They didn’t have to think about which exercises to do, but I always liked picking out what I was going to do in the weight room. If anything, if I was going to pay anyone, they better for damn well make me skinny. And from what I saw no one was getting skinny.

And I did pay for a trainer initially. As part of my sign up and to get the special at $14 per month I had to pay for like 15 or 20 sessions with a trainer. At the time I didn’t know a thing about a gym so the trainer did show me around over those sessions and did show me how to use the machines, but I never worked out particularly hard.

It shouldn’t be a shock that 24 Hour Fitness, Lifetime Fitness or any globo gym doesn’t REALLY want you to show up. The more members they have that do not show up the better. Costs them less and they still make money.

I want – NEED – you to show up to my CrossFit gym. I LOVE – NEED – having a large class. I love the energy. I do this to see results in people. I do this to help people see the results I have seen doing CrossFit. I get worried and concerned when someone doesn’t come for a week. Then they tell me they went on a vacation. I feel relieved. I want people to show up and participate and enjoy CrossFit and reap the rewards.

So, while it does kind of feel sad to cancel my membership – a place, or variety of locations that I have been going to on a semi-regular basis for so many years, it just isn’t worth even the small cost every month.

Don’t skimp on your body. Pay for someone to help you get the results you desire.

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