GRID League “season”

First – I tried to search for GRID on Bing and Bing couldn’t find it. Strike 1 against GRID being a “thing” in anyway….or probably more likely….strike 1 on Bing ever taking over Google’s status as the best search engine ever. I tried searching “NPGL” and “National Pro Grid League” in Bing and Bing couldn’tContinue reading “GRID League “season””

2016 CrossFit Games athlete earnings

Time to see how much everyone made last week at the CrossFit Games (or has it been two weeks already?!). Ladies Katrin Davidsdottir  $  288,000.00 Tia-Clair Toomey  $  101,000.00 Sara Sigmundsdottir  $    62,000.00 Sam Briggs  $    48,000.00 Kari Pearce  $    36,000.00 Brooke Wells  $    32,000.00 Kara Webb  $    25,000.00 Kristi Eramo  $    22,000.00 Alessandra PichelliContinue reading “2016 CrossFit Games athlete earnings”

Me without a shirt on…posted on the internet…

This is has been something I have thought about doing for a long time, but haven’t because of embarrassment. Part of me thinks I look pretty good without a shirt on, and the louder part sees the imperfections. The “saggy skin” from being overweight for the better part of 20+ years. I look at myselfContinue reading “Me without a shirt on…posted on the internet…”