GRID League “season”

First – I tried to search for GRID on Bing and Bing couldn’t find it. Strike 1 against GRID being a “thing” in anyway….or probably more likely….strike 1 on Bing ever taking over Google’s status as the best search engine ever. I tried searching “NPGL” and “National Pro Grid League” in Bing and Bing couldn’t find the website. I searched “NPGL” on Google and their website popped right up.

I follow a lot of CrossFit athletes on Instagram and many of them are getting “Grid ready” right now. There are quite a few already training with their team and flooding Instagram with pictures of them in a van with like 30 people. They are all getting ready for the Grid season. Which had me wondering…how long is the Grid season?

Last year the league was in a bit of a flux so the season was supposedly shortened to about 2 weeks just so they could get a season in and not miss a year in the 2nd year of the league. So is this season longer? More of a real season? I mean, when I think season I think at least Spring, Fall, Summer or Winter – 3 months. If I am thinking sports and I hear “season” I think many months. Baseball lasts 6 months and football lasts 4-5. Hockey and basketball feel like they last pretty much all year between when the year starts and the champion is crowned.

The 2016 Grid league season lasts 3 weeks. From the start of the first match – this Wednesday, to the championship game is exactly 3 weeks.

Hard to take a league seriously that doesn’t even last as long as my 7 year old’s summer baseball.


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