2017 WZA Teams and Team Members

For those of you out there who are looking at the team standings at the 2017 Wodapalooza and wondering who is on which team, I’m going to try to help.

Elite Men

  1. Misfit nLnM (No Lube No Mercy): Travis Williams (@travisfwilliams), Chandler Smith (@blacksmifff), Jordan Cook (@jcrossfitcook)
  2. Smith Bro’s: Ben Smith (@bsmith13), Alex Smith (@alecsmith8) and Dane Smith (@danedoes)
  3. Team Panchik: Scott Panchi (@scottpanchik), Saxon Panchik (@saxon_panchik), Spencer Panchik (@spencer_panchik)
  4. Team TEN Red: Daniel Tyminski (@boomsauce39), Gerald Sasser (@gerald_sasser), Cam Pernich (@cpernich)
  5. CrossFit Shrewsbury: Anthony Vazquez (@avazquez03), Corey Lunney (@clunney), Trevor James (@trev_james92)
  6. Team Zevia: Nick Block (@nbloch37), Brent Fikowski (@fikowski), Irving Hernandez (@theirvingh)
  7. BearKomplexL Joe Scali (@scalifit), Elijah “EZ” Muhammad (@elijahezmuhammad), Nick Urankar (@nickurankar)
  8. Ten Performance: Daniel Petro (@danielquadzillapetro), Nathan Bramblett (@nathan_bramblett), Aaron Hanna (@aaron_hanna)
  9. Team Gorilla Fitness: Alex Vigneault (@vigneaultalex), Alexandre Caron (@alex.caron), Jason Houde (@jayhoude67)
  10. Team Jakt: Paul Tremblay (@hosstremblay), Charles Felx-leduc (@iamcharlo87), Albert-Dominique Larouche (@larouchadm)
  11. Midwest monSTARs 2.0: Jack Long (@jlonghair6), Duke Burk (@dukeburk), Shane McBridge (@spmcbride1)
  12. Team NorCal: You might think this would be an easy one, but I have no idea who was on this team. I *think* Khalipa was, but not even positive about that.
  13. Reebok CrossFit ONE: Spencer Hendel (@spencer_hendel), Austin Malleolo (@amalleolo), Conor Murphy (@conortmurphy)
  14. The Boys: No idea
  15. Brute Squad: Mitch Spjut (@spjut2), Adrian Conway (@adrianconway_), Brennan Fjord (@builtfjordtough)

And in 30th place we have Jared Stevens (@jaredwaynestevens), Justin Allen (@justin.allen) and Sam Dancer (@samdancing). I am including them because they are Instagram all stars who finished in 30th place – far behind some local gyms.

Elite Women

  1. Team Progenex: Stacie Tovar (@stacietovar), Chyna Cho )@chynacho), Emily Bridgers (@emilybridgers)
  2. Probably FitAid: Alexis Johnson (@mf_mathlete), Cassidy Lance (@cassidylance), Kaleena Ladeairous (@justkaleena)
  3. Team Soul: Jime Becerra (@jimebecerrab), Negra Crv (@negracrv), Laura Carolina Gonzalez Marin (@lauragonzyyy)
  4. PRGNX/RPM Fitness: Molly Vollmer (@mollyvollmer), Nicole Holcomb (@crossfitnicole), Jen Cadmus (@jencadmus)
  5. Invictus: Regan Huckaby (@reganhuckaby), Maddy Myers (@maddy.myers1), Jamie Hagiya (@jamiejoyce2)
  6. Mid Atlantic Mavens: Gretchen Kittelberger (@glkitt), Christy Adkins (@christycrossfit), Anna Tunnicliffe Tobias (@atunnicliffe)
  7. CrossFit Parallax: unsure
  8. Brute, Mandi and her MILFs: Mandi Janowitz (@mandi_janowitz), Tiffany Hendrickson (@tuesdaysmom) and I don’t know the third
  9. Savage Barbell – Hustle Hard
  10. 12 Labours Ladies Region
  11. Exo Sleeve: Kristi Eramo (@kristi_eramo29),
  12. FitAid ABBs: Alye DeRoma (@alyederoma), Breona Evans (@breonanicole7), Brista Mayfield (@bristamayfield)
  13. CrossFit Fort Vancouver
  14. Team XPN – RX Labs: Mirakim (@mklil1),
  15. Midwestern Built: Megan Jane Scales (@meganjanescales), Taylor Streid (@hollitay7), Chelsey Cross (@momma_chels)
  16. Westside Conjugate
  17. Jenny and the Block 2.0: Nicolle Capurso (@ncapurso22), Jenny Borda (@gymjen99), Brooke Haas (@brookedahook)

I think it is interesting some of the teams with multiple Games athletes that lost to teams without any real recognizable names.

I wish you could watch these off season events for free. I just can’t bring myself to paying for Floelite.