2018 Dubai CrossFit Championships payouts

Mat Fraser and Sam Briggs did OK for themselves. I’m guessing they are totally fine that Regionals are no more….they didn’t make this much money winning Regionals. Not even close.

I’m not sure how much Event 10 paid for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. On the Dubai CrossFit IG they announced the final event prize was increased to $30,000 USD. They didn’t specify if whoever won the event won $30,000 or if only the top 3 were paid ($15,000/$10,000/$5,000??) or if 5 spots were paid or if everyone who competed in the final were paid. I don’t know. I assume only the top 3 were paid since that is how all the other events worked.

Here is how much the top earners made this past week in Dubai. Again, way more than any CrossFit Regional.