Burpees for Charity

Thanks to CrossFit Mettle Works for the pic


****Donation Confirmation Here****

I am going to do the burpee mile for my birthday and to help motivate myself to do a mile worth of burpees I am taking donations. No, not donations for myself, but donations to help St Jude Children’s Hospital. Read more about it here.

I am using this page to track how much has been pledged. If you would like to donate email me at Failgym@hotmail.com.

Facebook page has been created for the event.

The details:

  • February 2nd, 2013 at 12:00pm
  • Fox Ridge Elementary School track
  • All money raised will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Donate per burpee (I expect to perform around 1,000 burpees). If you choose to donate $0.05 per burpee and it takes me 1,000 burpees you will be in for $50.00.
  • Want to play? Play with me. Do a 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile or the entire mile and donate a flat sum for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Email me at failgym@hotmail.com with your pledge amount and contact information. I will post updates frequently for the next month, including a total money raised and results.

Donations (total per burpee = $0.55 + $137):

  • Andy and Bethany King: $0.02 per burpee but that increases by $0.01 per Broncos playoff win. If the Broncos win the whole shebang they will donate $0.05 per burpee.
  • Andy and Keely Rochford: $0.05 per burpee.
  • Adam and Nicole Smith: $0.05 per burpee.
  • Shelby and Elaine Lay: $0.05 per burpee, each, for $0.10 total.
  • Ryan and Jossie Barrios: $0.02 per burpee.
  • Mathew and Lyndsay Schulz: $0.05 per burpee for myself and $0.01 per burpee for anyone else who participates.
  • Lesley and Daniel Pages: $0.02 per burpee.
  • Mike Westphal: $10 (yes – donating a flat amount is OK!)
  • Carrie Ladyga: $0.02 per burpee.
  • Jessica Rothmeyer: $0.03 per burpee.
  • Becky and John Stewart: $0.03 per burpee.
  • Georgia and Larry Reiter: $0.03 per burppe.
  • Logan and Amber Burdine: $0.02 per burpee.
  • Chad and Kris Lay: $27
  • Dawn O’Neill: $100!!!
  • Stephanie and David: $0.05 per burpee.
  • Jay and Amber Suckey: $0.05 per burpee.

My boy is getting some reps in, showing me how it’s done.

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