Whole 30, round 2! January 1st, 2013 – January 30th, 2013. This time my Whole 30 ends on my birthday which doubles the amount of beer I just might drink when the Whole 30 is over.

I have started separate pages for my weekly food logs. You can find them as sub-menus under the “Nutrition” menu above.



Week one of the Whole 30 challenge is over and I am ready for three more weeks!

The four basic principles of the Whole 30 challenge is to eat food that:

  • Promotes good physiological health
  • Promotes good hormonal health
  • Promotes good intestinal health
  • And promotes good immune function

Your food should hit all four of those standards.

Week two down!

  • Plan ahead to make good choices
  • Visit the grocery store often for fresh foods
  • If you stay on top of the Whole 30 challenge it is easy…or at least easier
  • No cheat meals was a tough point for me in week 2

Week three in the books

  • Sometimes keeping it simple is best. A bag of carrots for lunch is easy, gives me that “crunch” I crave and nails my veggies.
  • Don’t forget to look under every rug in “your house” for improvements. I mentioned to a friend that I haven’t seen any benefits yet from my Whole 30 when she brought up the dreaded 3pm crash. I took a step back and realized that not only am I not crashing at 3pm anymore (or at least a majority of the time) but I am also not getting hungry mid-morning nearly as much. So when you look for changes in your life during your Whole 30 cycle look everywhere.
  • Try new things: who knew I could make rainbow chard and love it?! And talk about nutritious…doesn’t get much better than chard.
  • If you don’t like to cook or know how to cook this is the perfect opportunity to learn and love cooking. I even broke out the blender this week in making food! I rarely got past the silverware drawer before Whole 30.


  • The weight loss was not what I was hoping for, but in review it was still a great 30 days with great results.

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