Box review: CrossFit WestCo

WestCo OutsideLast week I review CrossFit Durango and this week I review the first box I visited in Grand Junction: CrossFit WestCo.

Apparently fate loves CrossFit because when we pulled into town we had a few hours to spare before we could check into our hotel. We decided to go downtown and shop and find something to eat and as I pulled into the parking space my wife noticed a CrossFit just a few store fronts down from where I parked. I walked in and asked about getting a workout in the next morning and the owner, Kristin, was very pleasant and, as expected, she didn’t have an issue with me coming in and buying a t-shirt in trade for a workout (it’s pretty common in CrossFit to do this for drop-ins and I am getting a nice collection of cool CrossFit t-shirts).

When we sat down for lunch I Google’d CrossFit on my phone and saw that CrossFit Red was like a half of a mile from our hotel and thought about going there for my first WOD rather than WestCo. The other box in Grand Junction is CrossFit Junction and I have heard of them before (I think some LoDo’ers went there for a competition last year) so I was going to hit that box for sure. While Kristen was very nice the convenience of going to a box almost right around the corner would win.

I tried looking for the CrossFit Red website: no luck. Tried calling them when I got to the hotel: number disconnected. We even drove by where it was supposedly located: nothing. The CrossFit Affiliate Locator showed it active but didn’t show CrossFit WestCo. Same with Google. That night I finally went to the CrossFit WestCo website and got my answer: read here. In talking to the coach the following morning it sounded like the CrossFit Red folks weren’t the best business people as they were letting a lot of folks workout for free. Continue reading

WOD – 11.28.2012

In Grand Junction today and visited CrossFit WestCo. The coach (David Weaver) there today was pretty damned funny (especially when he referred to himself as “voluptuous”) and took some time to coach me up on my muscle ups.

Rollout and a few other various stretches

Part 1
Annie – 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 of double-unders and situps
Part 2
10 40 yard dashes with 1 minute of rest between

Worked on my muscle ups