Sunday afternoon cooking

If you read my blog with any regularity you know I like to use Sunday afternoon as a time to jump start my week to ensure I eat healthy. The biggest obstacle to healthy eating is not being prepared. Packing your meals for work is the ONLY way to be successful at eating clean. No matter how hard you try at any restaurant to eat clean you truly really never know what is in that dish you are eating. Did it mix with buttered ingredients? Did it come in contact with gluten? Are those even REAL EGGS?! You can always make extra food every night so you have leftovers, but even in those circumstances sometimes life gets in the way. After work, even if you have time to prepare dinner, you don’t want to prepare extra…or worse you find yourself preparing something in 10 minutes to feed yourself and the kids. Often times those last minute meals, for myself, are eggs or something really quick and easy to make. Can you say burgers with sauteed mushrooms and home made mayo?

Never fear, this Sunday I took a good two to three hours to prepare some food for the week, making dinner for last night and cleaning/cutting vegetables for lunch for the next few days. I am sure to have a solid week eating thanks to Sunday afternoon.

Below are some of the pictures I took. The menu consisted of: Continue reading