Battle of the Rock – take 3 – review

My snatch effort at 170 - I think

My snatch effort at 170 – I think

Late last week I went through my strategy and predicted results for my first comp this year: the Battle at the Rock.

First, let me say this event keeps getting better and better. The first year I did it the final heats were completely re-seeded and the release of the schedule for the final heat took way too long. It was annoying. But CrossFit Castle Rock learned from it and last year that was not the case. This year? It was flawless. CFCR keeps learning and keeps getting better at running an event.

They had 140 athletes this year competing and one of the events was essentially an eight station max rep event. I had noticed that the heats were spaced out exactly eight minutes – leaving NO TIME for any transition between heats, re-organizing of barbells, weights, kettlebells, etc. There was no time left for a heat that starts late, no time available to make up time, just constant heats. Well, this was run perfectly. Each heat had 10 individuals and they sent us off congo style, in groups of two. So the first pair from each heat started their eight minute WOD while three pairs from the previous heat were still finishing their WOD. The way they had it laid out, the way they started us off and the way they ushered us from movement to movement was flawless.

Job well done, CrossFit Castle Rock.

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WOD – 11.05.2012

With the change in time yesterday I thought it would be easy for me to get up and head down to CrossFit LoDo for my 5:30am class. It was as I was awake by 4:15…Going to take a while to get used to the time change, I guess.

With that being said today’s WOD is straight from LoDo.

4 minutes of rowing
2 minutes of walking lunges
1 minute of double-unders
Then 2 rounds of
5 ring dips
10 GHD situps
5 handstand kickups

20 minute AMRAP of
5 ring hand stand pushups (needless to say I can’t do these and since I am still working on a regular handstand I substituted handstand work for these)
10 overhead walking lunges (I used 95# but was supposed to be 60% of BW)
15 ball slams (I used 40#)

1-1-1-1-1-1-1 of split jerk at 95% of 1 RM.

Nothing, I needed to get cleaned up and into work.

The AMRAP I completed 6 + 13
Strength: Since I did the WOD first I was only able to do 135#-185#-185#-185#- F195#- 2×135#-2×135#