Box Review: CrossFit 630

20150610_050837_resizedWhile the family was in Chicago we stayed on the very outter edge to the west of downtown Chicago in Naperville. There weren’t many CrossFit boxes really close to choose from, but I decided to visit two different ones while in town. The first one I visited was CrossFit 630.

Their space was a bit smaller than expected. It was in an “L” shape and the ceilings were super high as they were in an industrial space, but a decent chunk of space was used for restrooms and an office – or so it appeared. I still think they probably had plenty of space to hold two classes. There was an area that could be used for warming up when you first entered through their bay door and around the corner there was their rack and weights where they could do their metcons.

It was pretty apparent that they were in a state of transition in terms of where their front desk was located and other general furniture type moving. The coach that morning couldn’t find what he was looking for – which is OK, really, and it is understandable as all gyms at some point are going to move things around to better their member experience and when this happens it is bound to be a bit bumpy. As long as in the end their member experience in better it is all good.

This class was by far the smallest of my trip. It was their 6am or 6:30am class (only class in the morning) and it was myself and three other individuals. We went through the warmup together and then went over the Burgener warmup as the WOD for the day was “Randy”. It was a pretty good warmup and I like to see time set aside for instruction, especially as the three members working out with me were fairly new to CrossFit and needed the instruction on the snatch.

Love this quote by Sherwood

Love this quote by Sherwood

After the warmup we walked back to the rig, got out our bars and got ready for Randy. I finished well ahead of the other members and even had the second best time according to their record board (which, at just over 4 minutes for my Randy tells me that the gym is still fairly new because a 4 minute Randy isn’t THAT good).

After Randy we got out the bench and found our max bench. If you know me you know I LOVE this. As a guy who did a TON of “chest and tri’s” at 24 Hour Fitness for years I love a good chest day.

All and all I wasn’t super excited about my experience at 630 or disappointed. It was a good class and the coach was nice, but the overall energy was a bit low. Could have just been the class size. I know I have plenty of days when I am coaching and the class is smaller and running around pumping everyone up is a struggle.

I have always wanted to do Linda

This is correct posture - do NOT crane your neck and look "up" while deadlifting.

This is correct posture – do NOT crane your neck and look “up” while deadlifting.

Have you seen Linda? She is one intriguing woman!

I would like to think I am strong. I know I am not. Doing the heavy girl WODs always intrigue me. Linda is 10-1 of deadlifts at 1.5 times your body weight, bench press at your body weight and cleans at .75 of your body weight. Bench press is no problem for me. As a member of 24 Hour Fitness and former fat ass I have spent many days on bench press and it is a sad state because I can max bench press more than I can max back squat. I mean, back squat was always sooo hard at 24 Hour Fitness. Now I am kicking myself for years of avoiding difficult exercises…

(I benched 290 a few months ago and my recent back squat test topped out at 260.)

The movement that has prevented me from doing Linda for the past few years was the deadlift. Along with back squats I avoided deadlifts, especially heavy ones, like I avoided running on the treadmill for years and years at 24 Hour Fitness. Along with being well over 300 pounds for a period of time and having a bad back (probably a result of my weight) I never did deadlifts. The very few times I did I would go light and still tweak my back. Now I am down closer to 200 pounds (I fluctuate between 207 and 212) and I have added well over 100 pounds to my max deadlift in the past year. I maxed out at 325 a week or two ago. Now I can do Linda!

For the sake of easy math I rounded my weight down to 200 pounds and started with 300 pound deadlift, 200 pound bench and 150 pound clean. Continue reading

WOD – 12.10.2012

10 squat holds (hold 3 seconds at the bottom)
10 jumping squats
10 overhead squat with PVC
10 PVC pullovers

WOD #1
5 RFT:
5 Squat snatches
30 Double unders
15 Wall ball

WOD #2
For time:
Row 500 meters
Body weight Bench press, 30 reps
Row 1000 meters
Body weight Bench press, 20 reps
Row 2000 meters
Body weight Bench press, 10 reps

Ugh. I suck at squat snatches and double unders. Add in the fact that I was looking forward to WOD #2 and WOD #1 suffered.  A lot. I only snatches 115# and didn’t squat once. I did link my DU’s for the first time ever and linked 4 of them in a row, so that was good. Other than that I did pathetic on the DU’s. I don’t even know what what my time was, I didn’t pay attention, but I am pretty sure it was over 15 minutes.

WOD #2 was more fun, for me. I don’t mind rowing and I like to bench press as that is the one thing I am good at. In my pre-CrossFit and fat days I did a lot of benching so I can bench a decent amount of weight. I currently weight 200# and I benched 195# today because I didn’t want to hunt for 2.5# fractional plates. The 500m row was cake and I completed that in just over 2 minutes. I didn’t hit the rowing hard at all, but rather tried to keep my 500m split between 2:08 and 2:12 for every segment of rowing.

The first 30 bench presses….wow. I did 12 unbroken to start and made it to 20 relatively easily, but by the time I got to 25 I needed a spotter and was doing 1 or 2 at a time. The set of 20 I did 6 unbroken to start and then did sets of 2 or 3 the rest of the way. And the final set of 10 I did 6 unbroken and then the final 4 unbroken for a time of 29:44. The set of 30 bench presses might have taken me nearly as long as the 2000m row. I am sure I will feel my chest tomorrow morning.

WOD – 11.21.2012

Last day at LoDo. I am joining CrossFit Crush next month. Today we went out with a long AMRAP and then some deficit deadlifts.

Strict press with PVC
Kip swings
Burpees (only a masochist programs 45 burpess for a warmup!)

18 min AMRAP of:
5 Jerks
15 pushups
10 knees to bar (yes, KNEES to bar)

5×5 of deficit deadlifts with a four second count to the bottom, two second count to the knees then explode to the hips
5×5 of negative tempo bench press. Same as the deadlifts, 4 seconds down, 2 second hold at the bottom, explode back up

The prescribed weight for the jerks at 155# and I used that weight. I completed 6 rounds and 19 reps into my 7th for a score of 6.19. I went unbroken on all of my jerks except that final round I couldn’t quite get that 5th jerk overhead so I had to drop the weight, rest, re-clean it and jerk it once more (that doesn’t sound dirty, does it?). If it wasn’t for that I am guessing I could have gotten at least half way through the final set of knees to bar.

I used 135# for both the deficit deadlifts and the bench press. The deficit, tempo based, deadlifts were completely new to me – and difficult. The bench press is something I have done many times at the gym before CrossFit so that was fairly easy.