Pound for Pound Review

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This workout was TERRIBLE.

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As usual, here is my post event review of my performance, and the event, for the Pound for Pound competition I did this past weekend at CrossFit LoDo.

As I wrote late last week, the workout descriptions were not very clear so while I did make some predictions, they either were not valid because the workout was different or were not accurate because some of the smaller details I had incorrect.

The first workout we did was the max deadlift. This ended up being 4 minutes total for the both of us, but we did have 2 barbells so it was OK. I did open with 355 and made that lift, added 20 pounds and made 375 which felt OK, so I added another 10 pounds and waited until our time was nearly over and PR’d with 385. All in all I hoped to PR and I did. Unfortunately, in this competition, my PR was still woefully short of where it needed to be. My score for this event was 385 divided by 210 (my body weight) for a score of 1.8. Most of the guys were scoring closer to 2.25 or 2.5.

The second workout I wasn’t sure how many 500m rows we would need to complete or the exact time domain. Also, when I wrote last week it was a clean and jerk after the 500m…well…there were 2 separate 4 min windows with 1 minute rest between. In each there was a 500m row and the remaining time was a clean and _2_ shoulder to overheads, not just one. This was at 80% of my body weight, so I was using 170 pounds. Each partner had to start 1 of the rows and each time the person hanging from the bar dropped we had to switch.

My partner killed it and didn’t drop off of the bar for the 1st row and I finished the row in about 1:35. She went straight to the bar and started moving it. She did a few reps of the complex and then I would do 1 or 2. She would do 3 and I would do 1 or 2. We sort of followed that pattern for the remaining 2+ minutes. In the 2nd 4 minute workout she started on the row and I started on the hang. I was only able to hang for about 30 or 35 seconds and we switched. She killed it again and I finished the row. This time I think it was closer to 1:45 like I predicted if we should need to switch. We followed the same format for the clean and 2 S2O.

In the end we finished with 90 reps. I was pretty satisfied with that total and we were both exhausted. Continue reading

WOD – 12.01.2012

Today’s magical number is 10. And you need a park or high school or something similar.

Jog to a park or somewhere with a hill and benches. I jogged to Cherokee Trail HS which is about a half mile from my house
Stretch periodically along the way – runner’s pose, hip swings, etc.

10 different exercises consisting of

  1. 10 hill sprints – find a short, steep hill and sprint up it 10 times with the only rest between sprints is walking back down the hill. As soon as you hit the bottom of the hill turn around and sprint back up.
  2. 10 l-sits – find something to press off of into 10 l-sits and hold each one for as long as you can.
  3. 10 sets of 10 bench jumps. I jumped onto a park bench which was maybe 18 inches high.
  4. 10 kickups into a handstand.
  5. 10 sets of 10 pushups.
  6. After your 100th pushup immediately do 10 deep dips off of a bench.
  7. 10 sets of 10 lunges (5 per leg). I started to make my way back home and did these in the parking lot.
  8. 100 meter bear crawl. Break it up however you want.
  9. 10 bench burpees. Do your burpee and jump onto the bench after each, like you would with a burpee pullup
  10. 10 sprints up stairs. There is a set of stairs that is about 2 flights on my way back home and similar to the hill sprints I finished by sprinting up the stairs 10 times with the only rest being as I walk down the stairs. As soon as I hit the bottom I sprinted back up.

Brisk walk back home

WOD – 11.11.2012

400m run
Air squats

5×5 back squat with 5 dead hang, strict pullups after each set

15 min AMRAP
9 deadlifts
12 pushups
15 box jumps

Decline situps

5×5 = 185#-205#-205#-215# F-205# F
AMRAP = 7 full rounds at 135# deadlift and about 24in box jump
I did the same AMRAP in February at 115# DL and 18in box jump and only got 6 rounds. Improvement is always good!

WOD – 11.07.2012

Went to CrossFit again today.

800m run
2 rounds of 10 scat pullups, 10 scat pushups, 10 air squats
Roll out

800m run
27 pullups
27 pushups
27 KB swings (2 pood! Heavy!!)

Box jumps for height

3-3-2-2 back squat
3-3-2-2 hang power clean

WOD: 17:05. Those KB swings at that weight almost made me puke
Back squat: 135#, 185#, 205#, 225#
Hang clean: 135#, 155#, 175# F, 175# (and then I did 6 reps at 135#)