My hand, my poor hand after 14.2

14.2 was the perfect example of thinking a WOD looks easier than it is. I thought I should make it to the six minute round and then fizzle out before the nine minute round. I didn’t.

For those that don’t know the CrossFit Open 14.2 WOD was two rounds of 10 overhead squats at 95 pounds and 10 chest-to-bar pullups in three minutes. If you completed that work inside three minutes then you got another three minutes to perform two rounds of 12/12 OHS and C2B and if you completed that work inside three minutes then you got another three minutes to do 14/14, so on and so on.

I thought I could get to the round of 14/14 and then just go all out for three minutes and see how many reps I could complete before time expired at nine minutes. This is my story…

I am in Arizona on vacation and arrived on Wednesday. I tried to eat clean, but when you are on vacation with a bunch of people that think it is ludicrous to not eat bread and white potatoes it is tough (I did eat In-N-Out without a bun of course). I tried my best to get good sleep and be a good little CrossFitter before doing 14.2 at Firebird CrossFit on Saturday morning. Continue reading

13.5 is done and so am I

Thanks to CrossFit PTZone Mornington for the picture – chest to bar pullups

I did 13.5 on Saturday, and as I wrote the other day; I didn’t really care.

How much didn’t I care? I did Saturday’s prescribed WOD before 13.5 which was a partner 20 minute AMRAP with burpees, front racked lunges, situps and power snatches. I didn’t spend too much time re-warming up or getting the feeling of the 100 pound thruster. I did a few chest to bar pullups and figured that I would be lucky to get 70 reps and it would be a four minute workout. Easy.

Not so much.

I finished the 15 thrusters in about 35 seconds and linked five chest to bar pullups before coming off of the bar. I hit a few more pullups and then I started to have issues getting my chest to physically touch the bar. I had the height for most of my pullups, but didn’t get the contact needed. I am guessing I did 30-40 pullups in the remaining three plus minutes after my thrusters but I only got 14 pullups in which my chest touched the bar. Your math is correct: 29. My pathetic score on 13.5 was 29.

Oh well. The Open was fun and I came out on fire and full of determination but by this fifth week I was much more concerned with regular WODs and just working out.

On Sunday I had more fun doing “deck of cards” by myself (see my April WOD log) than I had prepping and doing 13.5. Continue reading