2 “CrossFit” Jargon Pet Peeves

Some pet peeves of mine that I see when reading CrossFit workouts from gyms. I was just reading a bunch of the “12 Days of Christmas” WODs posted to the CrossFit Facebook page and saw one comment that wasn’t even in a 12 Days of Christmas format (it was just a long grueling workout) andContinue reading “2 “CrossFit” Jargon Pet Peeves”

Battle of the Rock – take 3 – review

Late last week I went through my strategy and predicted results for my first comp this year: the Battle at the Rock. First, let me say this event keeps getting better and better. The first year I did it the final heats were completely re-seeded and the release of the schedule for the final heatContinue reading “Battle of the Rock – take 3 – review”

I have always wanted to do Linda

Have you seen Linda? She is one intriguing woman! I would like to think I am strong. I know I am not. Doing the heavy girl WODs always intrigue me. Linda is 10-1 of deadlifts at 1.5 times your body weight, bench press at your body weight and cleans at .75 of your body weight.Continue reading “I have always wanted to do Linda”