Turkey Challenge – my performance review

Last Friday I wrote my predictions and strategies for the MBS Turkey Challenge. This was my first two-day competition and it was a bunch of fun. And once again I completely and totally overestimated my abilities…

10min AMRAP:
30 Snatch (75)
30 Snatch (95)
30 Snatch (125)
Max reps Snatch (145)

Last week I figured I would get done with the 75# snatches in about 90 seconds, done with the round of 95# around the three minute mark and giving my best to 145# after about six minutes. I cannot emphasize this enough – I was wrong. So wrong. Like I suddenly thought I was Rich Froning or something. My goal was 125 total reps and I only got 81.

I am not exactly sure on my times, but I did go 15-15 on the 75# snatches. I did follow my strategy here as I stopped after 15 snatches even though I could have continued. The bar started empty and I had to take the 15# plates off to put on 25# plates so the transition took a bit longer, but I think I was starting my round of 30 snatches at 95# around the two minute mark. As I started in at 95# I got through nine reps and my grip was suddenly failing. It was hurting. I kept mixing in hook grip and I had to control the bar down to my waist before letting go. That little bit of extra effort cost me my grip a bit, too. I am not sure when I moved on to 125#, but when I did I knew it would be hard to get to 145#. I was gassed. I always forget to calculate in how much work I have already done leading up to sections of workouts when I look forward. At this point the 60 snatches prior to 125 made 125 feel a lot heavier. I pushed for the last few reps to get to 81 and when I was done I was happy with that score. Continue reading

From over-estimating (14.3) to under-estimating (14.4)

What do 99% of all CrossFitters do? They judge a WOD before starting the WOD.

We all have our go-to or favorite movements and when we see those in a WOD we immediately think it will be easy. We all have movements we absolutely dread and when we see those in a WOD we immediately think it is going to suck. Sometimes the rep schemes of the WOD dictate how you feel about the WOD before starting. No matter what the reason most of us usually have a feeling about a WOD before we begin.

This multiplies during the Open. During the Open there are so many videos on strategy (which I am really starting to think are a large pile of you-know-what), so many people comparing how they score to your score, and vice versa and typically there is a large number of people you work with on a daily basis screaming at you to “go!”. Listen, if I could “go” I WOULD FREAKING “GO”!!

When 14.3 was announced I was a bit afraid. I hate, hate box jumps and am weak when deadlifting. As a guy who weighs 205 on a “light day” getting up onto a box is tiresome. Unfortunately, this guy who usually weighs closer to 210 doesn’t deadlift like a guy who weighs 210. My max deadlift is 365 which is probably 100 pounds less than what it should be. I recently deadlifted 315 for reps in one of the mainsite workouts so I knew I could lift that weight, if I got there. The thought of 25 reps at 275 scared me, especially after doing all those box jumps. Then the flood of “my dream WOD” talk that came across Facebook and the interwebs scared me even more. If everyone else LOVED the WOD then I assumed they would score well and my score might lack which would make me look bad. AIN’T NO ONE WANT TO LOOK BAD! The nerves were piling up shortly after 14.3 was announced on Thursday evening.

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Videos from USAW Cert

On Day 1 we got to stick around for about 45 minutes and watch some Olympic hopefuls train. Here are some videos I took.

This first one was a guy doing some heavy squats. Here is his 485# squat and he moved up in weight at least two more times before we had to leave. The last squat I saw was close to 600#.

Making a 350# clean look awfully easy. He was part of a British team, I think. His coach was wearing a light British Olympic jacket.

This dude was so fast. Here he snatches 285 and later he did the same weight for a triple. I need to put this one into Coaches Eye and see how long the lift takes. Can’t be much more than a second.

Finally, I need to do more weighted sotts presses. Not sure why I never thought about doing them…

(That was my excuse for taking a video of her…she was pretty hot…)

WOD – 12.04.2012

Second morning at CrossFit South Aurora and already starting to feel at home.

500m row
PVC pullovers
Squat hold – sit in a squat, knees out, feet shoulder width apart and push your knees out with your elbows. Hold for at least a minute and get up slowly
Burgerner warmup in preparation for the cleans in the WOD
Arm twists
A few samson stretch and runners pose to loosen the hips and thighs

20 min AMRAP of
5 cleans #145
10 toes to bar
15 wall balls

5×5 squat snatch

I was cruising in the WOD completing each of the first 4 rounds in less than two minutes but then I hit a wall. After the wall balls I was gassed and took too long to get back on the bar for the cleans. While I did the cleans unbroken I was taking too long to recover. Something isn’t right as I usually don’t have this problem but my first two days at CFSA I have. Maybe I am not pacing myself good enough but I am hitting that “red line” more often and it is hurting my overall results as I cannot keep a good pace. Also need to work on toes to bar and getting those in rhythm.

As for the squat snatch I wanted to work on form so I did all 5 sets at 95# and all were successful and pretty good form. The owner of CFSA suggests I work on sets of 10 to build up my snatch strength so I am going to start working on that.