Prepping breakfast for the week

I often cook up a bunch of meat on Sunday’s to prepare for the week ahead with lunches in mind, however; this past Sunday I decided instead of boiling eggs for the week I would make some egg “muffins” to eat during he week. Here is what I made, in pictures! Yay! (Can you feel my immense excitement??)

Would you look at the size of that squash!?

I don’t post too often about food because, frankly, I cook about as well as I ice skate and I don’t ice skate. But the other day the wife and I went to Boulder to the farmers market and found this spaghetti squash and it just blows my mind. I am sure there are bigger that are entered into competitions but this was by far the biggest one I had ever seen and used.

Here is a quick run down of some spaghetti I made on Sunday night using this squash.

If you have ever cut a squash you know how tough they can be. I am always worried about chopping off a finger and when I was trying to cut this mother in half I was extra worried. I came out with 10 digits and the squash was cooked, but holy hell was it tough to slice!


That baking dish is what I usually use to cook an entire squash. Both halves. I don’t think both halves of this monster are fitting into that dish. After I gutted out all of the seeds I placed the bigger of the two halves into the dish. When I was cutting it I wasn’t worried about equal portions. I was worried about somehow getting it into two pieces! Continue reading

Should Thanksgiving be a bummer?

Was your turkey raised like this? Happy and free of fake hormones?

I started eating strict Paleo just about 35 days ago when I started my Whole 30 program. That was completed about a week ago and since I have had four beers (I had to attend happy hour after my Whole 30 was completed) and frozen yogurt, but stayed pretty darn strict Paleo otherwise.

Most of my family knows that I have been on this Whole 30 program because I have been spamming the ever living beejeesus out of Facebook with pictures of food and while I only lost about seven pounds during my month I think I do look different. Thinner. They don’t totally understand it and that is totally understandable. I had no idea what I was getting into even after reading It Starts with Food but after a month of reading packages, searching for acceptable recipes and, honestly, trying to find any loophole to feel like you are cheating without cheating sort of makes you a pseudo-expert on the subject. I know I have infinitely more to learn (I was still trying to find out of peanuts were Paleo-OK just this past weekend and was disappointed to find the answer…).

I sent out an email a few weeks ago to my sisters, mother and wife saying I would happily go in halvsies on a turkey if it was free range and grass fed/finished, I didn’t get any response. I wasn’t going to make a big deal of it. I realized that I could just eat the turkey on Thanksgiving that was purchased by whomever and eat it and enjoy it regardless of if it was stuffed with GMO’s or not. It’s Thanksgiving, after all. Just be happy with your family! But then I got a call last night from my dad and my sister not only bought one free range turkey from Whole Foods, but two!! What a great sis!! …but her husband likes to fry them in peanut oil. He started doing so a few years ago and is really starting to get good at it. But we all know that no matter what is put into the turkey doesn’t matter if it is fried in peanut oil or any other grain or soy based oil. Continue reading

Final days of my Whole 30 and a paleo birthday party

I can see the finish line! I have today, tomorrow and Wednesday and my Whole 30 is over, but my life is not so I will NOT just jump into a pile of sugar on Thursday.

I will drink some beer on Friday, though!

When I first started this Whole 30 cycle I figured I would “deprive” myself of a few things I loved for 30 days and then when it is over ration them back into my diet. I thinkĀ  I have changed my mind.

  • Cereal: I used to eat a bowl of cereal maybe 3-4 times a week and sometimes as my late night meal/snack/whatever you want to call it around 7:30 or 8pm. If you have read It Starts with Food you know how to conquer those late night cravings. If you haven’t read it – why not?! When I first started this Whole 30 cycle I figured when it was over I would go back to having cereal but maybe once a week, or maybe twice. I have changed my mind. As one of the items I thought I couldn’t live without (I used to always say I could eat cereal for every meal every day) I found I can live without it. No more cereal for me going forward, not ever. Continue reading

My first foray into a complicated paleo dish

My finished product. It tasted better than it looks.

I don’t proclaim to be a cook, not at all. My wife does a wonderful job cooking and for the first seven years we have been married I leave as much of it up to her as possible. I cook breakfast on the weekends and love to grill but the rest of the kitchen is off limits.

Using a blender? I don’t even know where she keeps it! What is the difference between a tsp, tbsp, TSP, etc? I know about tablespoon/teaspoon but how come there isn’t a clear and agreed upon format to use when labeling these spoons? Why are some capitalized and some not?

It’s time for me to learn. When I started the Whole 30 I had to start to learn for a few reasons. I needed to do some cooking so it all doesn’t fall on my wife. She is amazing but sometimes she needs a hand. It is hard to eat out when doing the Whole 30 so I eat more meals made from ingredients in the kitchen and while my wife can make dinner five or seven nights a week asking her to make my breakfasts and lunches on top of dinner is asking too much. I need to grow up and make my own food (and hers). I also needed to learn for variety purposes; I can only have eggs with diced vegetables so often before I need to try something else.

Enter websites like theclothesmakethegirl and PaleOMG and Nomnompaleo. I started off easy by just making various “fries” with different vegetables and then starting mixing and matching proteins to make burgers or patties in large bunches on Sunday to prepare for the week and then I volunteered to bring the sweet potato dish for Thanksgiving this year. That takes it to a new level. I want to make something really good and also paleo. I don’t want the marshmallow covered dish that frequents most Thanksgiving dinner tables and passes as a “vegetable”. While it is a vegetable all the nutrition is killed with the brown sugar and marshmallow added to the vegetable. Continue reading