2018 Dubai CrossFit Championships payouts

Mat Fraser and Sam Briggs did OK for themselves. I’m guessing they are totally fine that Regionals are no more….they didn’t make this much money winning Regionals. Not even close. I’m not sure how much Event 10 paid for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. On the Dubai CrossFit IG they announced the final event prizeContinue reading “2018 Dubai CrossFit Championships payouts”

2018 Regional Predictions

Time for my yearly – and almost always wrong – Regionals Predictions. Week 1 East Regional Men: Patrick Vellner, Alex Vigneault, Chase Smith, Austin Spencer and Christian Harris. I’m confident in Vellner and Vigneault for sure, fairly confident that Smith will qualify assuming no torn pec. Spencer and Harris are more a guess. I alsoContinue reading “2018 Regional Predictions”

2018 CrossFit Games “super” teams

Here are the “super” teams I am aware of. If I missing any, please leave a comment! Sheila Barden moved from Nebraska down to Texas to compete on a team with Travis Williams, Jordan Cook and Rachel Garibay. Chelsea Grigsby, Jamie Hagiya, Andrew Kong and Ted Hwang are forming a team in California. Hagiya isContinue reading “2018 CrossFit Games “super” teams”

CrossFit Games Team rule changes

There was a major change to the team format for the upcoming 2018 CrossFit Games season: teams now consist of 4 members, not 6. Before I dive into a little “LOL” on this update, I want to rehash what I am sure I have posted on here before – there needs to be 2 differentContinue reading “CrossFit Games Team rule changes”

I hate off-season competitions

I mean, I like them, but I hate them. The CrossFit Games season is over and you are left twiddling your thumbs at your computer wanting to watch more. You wake up everyday, and sit in front of your computer all day long. In your bathrobe you sit and eat oatmeal all day, unshaven, waitingContinue reading “I hate off-season competitions”