WOD – 10.31.2012

If you have been following my WODs this week today we finish off our shoulders and maybe they don’t work the rest of the week…

20 arm swings or pull overs if you have PVC
20 inch worms
20 sit ups
20 air squats

I’ll do this at a 24 hour fitness and utilize their basketball court
Five RFT
100 foot bear crawl (back and forth across the end line one time [it’s 50ft one direction])
186 ft farmer carry #40 dumbbells (back and forth across the full length of the court)
20 lunges (10 each leg)
10 sit ups

Extra Credit
4 BW bench press EMOTM for 7 minutes

Lengthy stretching session, including your arms/shoulders

I did the WOD a lot faster than I expected which was a nice change for this week. None of the rounds took longer than 2:19 and I completed in 11:08. It was a fast one.

For the bench press I benched 205# and struggled on the sixth round and had to break up the set of four into a set of three and one extra. I couldn’t complete the seventh round within the minute time frame. I tried to break it into one rep x4 for the final round but couldn’t squeeze out the last one. I didn’t have a spotter and was afraid if I tried the fourth I wouldn’t get the weight off of my chest.