Following mainsite this week

Gonna be spending a lot of time on this thing this week…

“They” – you know, those who know – say that if you can do the WODs on you are well rounded. If you can RX all of the WODs you are a pretty damn good CrossFitter.

I am not. I am not a great CrossFitter. I don’t have a muscle-up, I can’t squat 300, I struggle with GHD situps and on a good day I can get 15-20 pullups unbroken.

This week I am going to take on mainsite and see how it goes. The WODs have looked pretty good lately and from reading the comments it sounds like Greg Glassman has been doing the programming recently. Let’s see how much I crumble.

On Monday I am doing three rounds for time of 21 power cleans at 115, 27 burpees and 27 GHD situps where the hand must touch the floor. I can do the first two parts of this WOD, albeit they might take me a while, but that last part…ain’t gonna happen. I will do 8-10 each round where my hand touches and then I will just go to parallel or slightly past parallel on the remaining reps. If I tried to get my hand to touch for all reps I might hurt myself. Seriously. I might pull my abdomen apart. Continue reading

WOD – 12.24.2012

Gotta earn some credit for that eggnog and cookies tonight!

500m row
Runners pose
Samson lunges
Squat bottom holds
Jumping squats
Kip swings
Slowly warmup to #135 barbell in preparation for snatches and power cleans

5 snatches
10 box jumps
5 power cleans
10 pistols

Extra #1
5 back squats
10 GHD situps

Extra #2
Push Press for strength

Results Continue reading

CrossFit movements I dread

This thing might literally kill me someday…

I can’t help but anticipate the next CrossFit workout. At my old box I had to wait until the early morning hours to see what the WOD was. I would wake up at 4:30 to get ready and get to my box by 5:30 am for the early bird special but I always had to check my phone or PC to look at the WOD before getting in the car. At my new box I can check it a day in advance as they always have the following day’s WOD posted along with the current.

There are some movements that I love. The movements where I can lift heavy and lift easily and feel like I can keep up. I like wall balls, anything with kettle bells, and, as much as this amazes me to type this, I love running. Man, a few years ago I would laugh if I said that out loud. No way could I love running! Today I do. I like any WOD that includes running or rowing. I like power cleans and any “hang” Olympic lift: hang power cleans, hang snatches, etc. Basically anything that doesn’t require a full squat! I don’t mind pullups or pushups. While I still struggle with a high volume of pullups I like them because I can do them! Along with running, pullups were something I never did back in the day.

What do I hate? What do I think are the top five worst CrossFit movements? These are movements I hate and when I say “hate” I say it with love. I  hate broccoli, but I eat it. It’s good for me. I haven’t found anything in CrossFit that will keep me from CrossFitting, but these movements make me sort of dread the WOD. When I see these I know I will be challenged and know that I will probably have trouble breathing… Continue reading