Barbells for Boobs recap

"Fran". That is Maher (white t-shirt) and Conzelman (white head band).

“Fran”. That is Maher (white t-shirt) and Conzelman (white head band).

This last weekend was a busy one for me in terms of exercise. I walked seven miles while golfing and carrying my clubs on Friday (don’t mock it until you try it!), did Barbells for Boobs on Saturday and then ran 5 miles in the Cherry Creek Sneak on Sunday. Barbells for Boobs was awesome and Front Range CrossFit did a great job of hosting!

Normally Barbells for Boobs is just one WOD, Grace or one of the girl WODs, but this past weekend there were six WODs scheduled: Elizabeth, Fran, Isabel, Grace, Diane and Karen. With my 5 mile run scheduled for the day following I was only going to do four of the six workouts – skip Diane and Karen. Each workout was scheduled two hours apart to simulate competition. Everyone had to get loose, workout, cool down, rest and then rinse and repeat for the following workouts. Continue reading

WOD benefitting Emma Grace

She rocks.

She rocks.

I have been sick the past week or so. According to the news this is one of the worst flu seasons since 2004. After working out Thursday morning and my throat burning I decided the best thing for my body was a few days off. I took Friday off but couldn’t take Saturday off because I wanted to go to CrossFit LoDo to help Emma Grace. Ready about Emma and her tumor here.

Apparently the small amount of “marketing” I saw on Facebook from LoDo spread pretty good because there was a good 25-30 people there for the WOD, if not more, along with CrossFit HQ to take pictures which I assume will make the CrossFit Journal in the coming days. There was a $5 buy-in to take part in the WOD but I figured I could part with $20 to help the little girl.

The picture of the girl breaks my heart because she looks a lot like my little girl. I don’t know what I would do with myself if I found out my little Maggie had a brain tumor…so sad.

The WOD was “Grace+” in honor of Emma Grace. The “+” was 50 pullups and it was a 10 minute AMRAP. And for those who don’t know, “Grace” is 30 clean and jerks or just ground to overhead for time. So the WOD was a 10 minute AMRAP of 30 ground to overhead and 50 pullups. As opposed to as many rounds as possible it was scored as many reps as possible in that 10 minute window.

My previous best at Grace was 6:39 according to my record on (check it out – a cool site to track your CrossFit workouts and metrics). Doing more than one round of Grace AND adding 50 pullups in less than 10 minutes? I was up for the challenge. The record of Grace on SuprWOD was from September 21st and while that was only a few months ago I have seen quite a jump in some areas in a relatively short period of time; I thought I could get through one round of Grace+. Continue reading