And CrossFitters have horrible form

The “hang cleans” in the first half or so of this video are horrible. But, only CrossFitters have horrid form.

These two are obviously ripped and it looks like they are “hang cleaning” 235, but if they had any sort of decent form they could add 50 pounds. From the lack of creating leverage at the bottom of the lift, to the super early arm bends, to the lack of a shrug and a horrible catch which is hard on the wrists, they are ugly. Strong dudes, ugly form.

This is why you don’t let former footballers (US style) teach you the Olympic style lifts (unless they have had some additional training post-football). It’s all brute strength and little form. There are a few footballers that work out at my box and they all do this sort of stuff – and don’t get me started on how the body builder was holding the barbell. Strong as oxes, but form would add so much weight to their lifts.

WOD #2 – 01.22.2013

Felt so good I had to WOD again! (Angie this morning)

General stretching
Squat hold
Light power clean

Most of this is taken from Hotdogs and Cupcakes
15×2 hang power cleans at 50% 1RM every 30 seconds
8×2 box squat jumps with dumbbells
Max height box squat jump
Plank holds 1 min on, 1 min off, 1 min on
Reverse hyper

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WOD – 11.07.2012

Went to CrossFit again today.

800m run
2 rounds of 10 scat pullups, 10 scat pushups, 10 air squats
Roll out

800m run
27 pullups
27 pushups
27 KB swings (2 pood! Heavy!!)

Box jumps for height

3-3-2-2 back squat
3-3-2-2 hang power clean

WOD: 17:05. Those KB swings at that weight almost made me puke
Back squat: 135#, 185#, 205#, 225#
Hang clean: 135#, 155#, 175# F, 175# (and then I did 6 reps at 135#)