Burpees at altitude

The #NOMAD challenge thrown out on the first of this month by Derek Robinson was something that definitely piqued my interest. 31 days of burpees? Try to accumulate 1,550 burpees during the month? You only have five minutes per day to accumulate those burpees? I was in. No question.

The first day of the challenge was uneventful in that it occurred in my backyard. 77 burpees completed on day one and was well on my way to hitting the 1,550 mark long before the 31st day of the month. But then came the second and third day of the challenge: I was scheduled to hike up Mt. Evans on day three.

On August 2nd, the second day of the challenge I found myself at West Chicago Creek campground which is just south of Idaho Springs and sits about 9,600 feet above sea level. Being from Denver I am obviously used to doing bupees about about one mile above sea level (5,280 feet for those challenged in basic distances), but adding about 4,000 feet made it a bit more difficult. I didn’t really have a strategy going into the five minutes of burpees on day two and just went all out. Five minutes later I had completed 67 burpees. Not bad considering the altitude.

But on Saturday I was going to hike Mt. Evans and, figured…what the hell…let’s do the five minutes of burpees from the summit of Mt. Evans. Continue reading

My “rest day” yesterday: The Manitou Springs Incline

Yesterday was supposed to be a “rest day” for me. Sometimes a rest day consists of no physical activity at all and sometimes my rest day is something less physical than CrossFit. Yesterday was the latter.

During a holiday weekend many cheat and I am one of those people. Now, I don’t blow it out of the water but by the time today is over I will have had beer three of the four days and some cookies. I choose my cheats wisely. I don’t eat buns with my burgers or eat potato chips, but I do drink some beer and if the desserts look good, I’m all in.

I cheated a bit Friday night with beer and fried pickles. On Saturday I had beer and some wings at Hooters. On Sunday it was a few cookies at a BBQ and today it will be beer again and who knows what treats might be out and about. Oh, and on Sunday morning I made myself cinnamon raisin pancakes with banana on top and coconut syrup (actually 100% Paleo).

After that breakfast I really felt like I needed some activity, so I called my buddy and asked if he wanted to do The Incline. He said “yes” so within about 45 minutes we were on our way down to Colorado Springs (Manitou Springs to be exact) to hike The Incline.

The Incline is an old railroad incline that washed away a few years ago. It consists of a bunch of railroad ties sort of haphazardly built as steps up the side of a mountain. In one mile distance you travel 2,000 vertical feet up the mountain. It’s steep, real steep. Even the false summit is supposedly “flat” but that is relatively speaking as the incline before and after the false summit is straight up, or so it feels like. Continue reading