Barbells for Boobs recap

"Fran". That is Maher (white t-shirt) and Conzelman (white head band).

“Fran”. That is Maher (white t-shirt) and Conzelman (white head band).

This last weekend was a busy one for me in terms of exercise. I walked seven miles while golfing and carrying my clubs on Friday (don’t mock it until you try it!), did Barbells for Boobs on Saturday and then ran 5 miles in the Cherry Creek Sneak on Sunday. Barbells for Boobs was awesome and Front Range CrossFit did a great job of hosting!

Normally Barbells for Boobs is just one WOD, Grace or one of the girl WODs, but this past weekend there were six WODs scheduled: Elizabeth, Fran, Isabel, Grace, Diane and Karen. With my 5 mile run scheduled for the day following I was only going to do four of the six workouts – skip Diane and Karen. Each workout was scheduled two hours apart to simulate competition. Everyone had to get loose, workout, cool down, rest and then rinse and repeat for the following workouts. Continue reading