About 9 months of following OPT/OPEX – improvement?

I started following the Being programming from OPT (now known at OPEX) on April 21st, 2014. Now that it has been a solid 10+ months of following OPT I thought it would be fun (for me) to see if I have gotten better and stronger.

On April 21st I found my 1 rep max front squat – 250 pounds
I just did 245×3 and 255×2 two days ago. My max front squat was set at 280 on November 6th
30 pound gain

On April 22nd I found my max push press – 225 pounds
According to my records it’s been since June 12th since I went for a max push press and it was 230
5 pound gain
(Tested my PP last night and got 235)

On April 25th I found my max close-grip bench press – 240 pounds
On January 8th I did 265×4 for close grip bench press. I have 300 pounds as my max from July 22nd
60 pound gain
(Tested CGBP this morning and got 315)

On April 28th I found my max clean and jerk – 195 pounds
I set a new C&J PR on December 20th at 235 pounds
40 pound gain

On May 2nd I found my max power clean – 210 pounds
I just power cleaned 230 this morning and my PR is now 235…and have been close a few times with 240
25 pound gain

On May 22nd I found my max weighted pullup – 55 pounds
It has been a long time since I did these, I feel like I could get 60+ pounds
(Tested weighted pullup last night and got 75)

On May 24th I found my max split jerk – 225 pounds
On December 23rd I found a new PR at 250 pounds
25 pound gain

On June 3rd I found my max back squat – 260 pounds
On August 8th I squatted 300, but it’s been a while since I have done that much, but I got 275 just last week
40 pound gain

On June 6th I found my max press – 195 pounds
On June 19th I pressed 205
10 pound gain

On June 14th I found my max snatch – 170 pounds
My max snatch on record is 185 now and I just did 170 for a double this week
15 pound gain

On April 26th I did 3 rounds for time of 15 deadlift at 185 pounds, 15 ring dips and 20 box jumps (24 inch box) and that took me 8:45
I retested this on January 3rd and completed in 7:11

On May 31st I had a WOD with C2B and I noted that if I could link C2B I would have completed it faster
This week I did 9 C2B unbroken and that was after doing 1, 2, 3…7, 8 unbroken first

Since ever I haven’t been able to do a muscle-up
I finally got one this weekend and have done at least a few every day since

I have set PR’s in Fran (4:18), Helen (10:24), Jackie (8:03) and Grace (1:49) in the past 10 months.

I would call this a successful program. Now that I did this I need to test my press, push press, weighted pullup and close-grip bench press tonight.

WOD – 12.05.2012

500m row
PVC pullovers
Hip swings
Roll out
Burgener warmup

10 min AMRAP
15 snatch 75#
30 double unders

Wait exactly 5 minutes then…

5 min AMRAP
165# Squat Clean
165# Jerk
(Count them separately even though they are usually 1 rep)

4 rounds of
25 cal row
10 pullups
10 box jumps (24″)

I am sick. This explains why I felt slow yesterday and today it was worse. My throat was burning and my energy level is pretty low. What is really strange is that even though I didn’t move as fast as normal or work as hard I sweated like a fat guy in a jogging suit in a sauna. I don’t get sick often but my 2 kids have been sick for the past few weeks and I guess if you get coughed and sneezed on enough times you are bound to catch something. I just don’t understand why I sweated so much. Maybe that is good and it will help me get over the cold faster. Continue reading

WOD – 11.21.2012

Last day at LoDo. I am joining CrossFit Crush next month. Today we went out with a long AMRAP and then some deficit deadlifts.

Strict press with PVC
Kip swings
Burpees (only a masochist programs 45 burpess for a warmup!)

18 min AMRAP of:
5 Jerks
15 pushups
10 knees to bar (yes, KNEES to bar)

5×5 of deficit deadlifts with a four second count to the bottom, two second count to the knees then explode to the hips
5×5 of negative tempo bench press. Same as the deadlifts, 4 seconds down, 2 second hold at the bottom, explode back up

The prescribed weight for the jerks at 155# and I used that weight. I completed 6 rounds and 19 reps into my 7th for a score of 6.19. I went unbroken on all of my jerks except that final round I couldn’t quite get that 5th jerk overhead so I had to drop the weight, rest, re-clean it and jerk it once more (that doesn’t sound dirty, does it?). If it wasn’t for that I am guessing I could have gotten at least half way through the final set of knees to bar.

I used 135# for both the deficit deadlifts and the bench press. The deficit, tempo based, deadlifts were completely new to me – and difficult. The bench press is something I have done many times at the gym before CrossFit so that was fairly easy.