WOD – 01.28.2013

Nice and long

Nice and long

Nice welt

Nice welt

What is more CrossFit: ripped blisters from pullups or shin scrapes from box jumps? I don’t know. I hate both. I think I hate torn hands more because of the shower factor. Sure, scraped shins hurt in the shower but NOTHING like a good hand tear. Those hurt.

Today I got my shin pretty darn good. We were doing 30 inch box jumps as part of the WOD and I got too quick with my rebounds and nailed myself. But you should see that box! I think I won…

I even had high socks on and they didn’t help at all, except they caught the skin so it didn’t end up on the floor…I included a few pictures and made them thumbnails so I don’t totally gross out anyone. Click of you want a larger view. And this is after ice, peroxide, a shower and about 2 hours after it happened. The good thing about shin scrapes is that they don’t impact the rest of the day. Blisters can bother you throughout the day but shin scrapes are OK after that first shower.

If this hasn’t happened to you either, 1. you haven’t been CrossFitting long enough, 2. you aren’t challenging yourself with a high enough box, or 3. you aren’t moving fast enough. If you are working your ass off and challenging yourself this is bound to happen. It is a right of passage. It is failure and it is weakness leaving the body. Embrace it when it happens. Ladies, if you really love CrossFit, say goodbye to those smooth perfect legs. You will be more proud of these anyway.

Today’s WOD was

Samson stretch, OHS w PVC, pushups, pullups and good mornings x2

Handstands and handstand walks. I took two “steps” today handstand walking. That’s right, new PR!

10-1 of:
Box jump

5×5 push jerk
6 EMOTM of 1 clean and 5 push jerk

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