WOD – 11.26.2012

Another hotel, this time in Durango (2 nights). This “fitness center” is worse than the last one, so I took my workout outside.

Short jog to get the blood moving in the freezing, dark morning air
2 minutes of jumping jacks
Brief work on running form (see video, great for warming up the hammys)

Part 1
100 lunges (50 per leg)
Suicides in the parking lot. I picked out 3 vehicles and used those as my lines for suicides. I’m guessing that to the last of the 3 cars was about 1.5 the length of a basketball court (where I usually run these). I ran 4 suicides with a 30 second break in between.
Time to go back inside

Death by situps and pushups: When you start the clock do two situps, when the clock reads 1 minute do 4 situps, when it reads 2 minutes do 6 situps, etc. You continue to do this until you cannot complete the number of situps. For example; I made it to the 9 minute mark and did 20 situps but could not do complete 22 situps between the 10-11 minute mark. When this happens you attempt to complete your last successful mark each minute on the minute. So for my work this morning I tried to complete 20 situps each minute until the clock read 15 minutes…at which time you switch to pushups and repeat.

Mine looked like this:
0 min: 2 situps
1 min: 4 situps
2 min: 6 situps
9 min: 20 situps
10 min: fail 22 situps
11 min: attempt 20 situps
12 min: attempt 20 situps
13 min: attempt 20 situps
14 min: attempt 20 situps
15 min: 2 pushups
16 min: 4 pushups
25 min: 22 pushups
26 min: failed 24 pushups
26 min: attempt 22 pushups
27 min: attempt 22 pushups
28 min: attempt 22 pushups
29 min: attempt 22 pushups

Squat and lunge form so bad the guy says “ow”

I could spend days at the squat rack at the gym and capture enough videos to make my phone explode but this post includes some horrid lunges, too.

This elder gentleman was alternating squats with lunges. From watching him struggle and listening to him grunt and grown I think he was going heavy on the squats and trying to keep his cardio up with the lunges along with extra leg burn.

I applaud him for the idea and the workout, but he needed some work on his form to get the full effect. As always, lighten up the weight to complete a full rep as that is much better than going too heavy with poor form and possibly hurting yourself.

Here is his squat:

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WOD – 11.05.2012

With the change in time yesterday I thought it would be easy for me to get up and head down to CrossFit LoDo for my 5:30am class. It was as I was awake by 4:15…Going to take a while to get used to the time change, I guess.

With that being said today’s WOD is straight from LoDo.

4 minutes of rowing
2 minutes of walking lunges
1 minute of double-unders
Then 2 rounds of
5 ring dips
10 GHD situps
5 handstand kickups

20 minute AMRAP of
5 ring hand stand pushups (needless to say I can’t do these and since I am still working on a regular handstand I substituted handstand work for these)
10 overhead walking lunges (I used 95# but was supposed to be 60% of BW)
15 ball slams (I used 40#)

1-1-1-1-1-1-1 of split jerk at 95% of 1 RM.

Nothing, I needed to get cleaned up and into work.

The AMRAP I completed 6 + 13
Strength: Since I did the WOD first I was only able to do 135#-185#-185#-185#- F195#- 2×135#-2×135#

WOD – 11.03.2012

Yours truly jumping from the floor over the two boxes and into the tire.

There is one class at 24 Hour Fitness that I love: Bill’s Boot Camp at the 24 Hour in Meridian in Denver. He usually mixes in some movements that are CrossFit related (or I should say movements often found in Crossfit WODs) and in his boot camp I can work as hard as I want and usually end up leaving with a t-shirt soaked in old Travis leaving my body.

Today’s session went something like this:
Minute of work followed by 30 seconds of rest for the first round of: jumping squats, knee tucks on a stability ball, one handed high pulls with a kettle bell, jump overs and a hop/jump course of sorts with boxes and tires followed by a run around the gym.

So it was jumping squats for a minute, 30 seconds of rest, knee tucks for a minute, 30 seconds of rest, etc.

The second round was the same exercises but with only 15 seconds of rest in between.

In between completed rounds we had about 1-2 minutes of rest. I climbed up the basketball hoops and did pullups so as to not rest too long.

The third round was lateral jumping squats, 15 seconds of rest, planks on the stability ball, 15 seconds of rest, gorilla squats with the KB, 15 seconds of rest, v-ups/curls, 15 sec of rest and finally a different jumping station with the boxes and tires.

Rinse and repeat for round 4.

Round 5 was jumping lunges, 15 seconds of rest, “spider monkeys” on the stability ball (never heard of those and they weren’t too challenging), 15 seconds of rest, burpees but with 25# weights in each hand, 15 seconds of rest, dips, 15 seconds of rest and then rabbit chasers (like mountain climbers but your knee needs to touch the outside of your elbow).

Rinse and repeat for round 6.

I always end Bill’s class with a suicide sprint: end line to free throw line and back, end line to half court and back, end line to opposite free throw line and back and finally end line to end line and back.

I felt pretty good when I was done so I went out to the gym and did 30 squat snatches for time with just a 45# bar and then did 20 pullups.

Great way to start the day!

WOD – 10.31.2012

If you have been following my WODs this week today we finish off our shoulders and maybe they don’t work the rest of the week…

20 arm swings or pull overs if you have PVC
20 inch worms
20 sit ups
20 air squats

I’ll do this at a 24 hour fitness and utilize their basketball court
Five RFT
100 foot bear crawl (back and forth across the end line one time [it’s 50ft one direction])
186 ft farmer carry #40 dumbbells (back and forth across the full length of the court)
20 lunges (10 each leg)
10 sit ups

Extra Credit
4 BW bench press EMOTM for 7 minutes

Lengthy stretching session, including your arms/shoulders

I did the WOD a lot faster than I expected which was a nice change for this week. None of the rounds took longer than 2:19 and I completed in 11:08. It was a fast one.

For the bench press I benched 205# and struggled on the sixth round and had to break up the set of four into a set of three and one extra. I couldn’t complete the seventh round within the minute time frame. I tried to break it into one rep x4 for the final round but couldn’t squeeze out the last one. I didn’t have a spotter and was afraid if I tried the fourth I wouldn’t get the weight off of my chest.