How do you know when you CrossFit too much?

There are all sorts of jokes on the internet relating scenarios in which someone is dreaming about CrossFit or they count box jumps at night before falling asleep or jot down possible WOD’s during the all too long meetings at work. How do I know I CrossFit too much? When I decided I should “med ball clean” bags of concrete this weekend while building a fence.

After two days early in the week digging fence post holes and setting those posts in concrete and then two more days of work this weekend of the actual construction of the fence, this video was taken on Sunday night. Check out that med ball clean form!

Back straight, weight on heels, fast pull, shrug and a slight dip to get under the bag. I didn’t squat all the way down, but, c’mon…it’s a freaking bag of concrete!

(How about this for a WOD? Move 15 bags of 80# concrete from the truck to the ground, then move one bag and place by each hole where the fence post will be set….then move them all back into the garage…then move them all back outside again the following day. That was part of my “WOD” on Monday and Tuesday last week.)

Does anyone else do anything silly like this that screams “I CrossFit too much”?

Here is the final product of my labor this past week. Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.