My quads are sore, I can’t get under the bar, I have no energy – a bad day

Bar facing burpees really tax my quads and hips

There are bad days in the gym and then there are days like today. When I went to bed last night I think I already knew that this morning was going to be horrible, and it was. I even got my best night of sleep in a few days (my two year old has been waking up in the middle of the night the past three or four nights for some reason…and last night she slept all night), but it didn’t matter, today was rough.

Let me go back a few days (a week)…I think my poor performance today started last weekend on Easter Sunday. I ate like crap on Sunday and my mother-in-law was in town and she arrived with ingredients to make cookies with my kids. It was going to be that kind of week and it was that kind of week. I think I probably had sugar everyday last week. I have went months without pure sugar in the form of candy, donuts or cookies over the past few years. To have it everyday…and in the form of jelly beans or mom-in-law cookies?! Disaster waiting to happen.

I have also been doing a couch stretch almost everyday to help loosen my hips which in turn has really helped my knee. Now why would couch stretch be to blame for this morning? I have my theories! Continue reading

Damn you double-unders! (and muscle-ups!)

Goal: 190 reps.

13.3 is a repeat workout from last year (I think that is A-OK) and last year I was essentially a newbie at CrossFit. Unfortunately I haven’t made much progress in two-thirds of the movements in this workout in the past year.

In my blog linked above I said that my Karen time was mid seven minutes or low eight minutes. I was wrong. Way wrong. My previously recorded Karen time was from July of 2012 and it was just over 12 minutes. In my first go at 13.3 on Thursday afternoon I finished my 150 wall balls in 8:17. So, that’s a positive!

Then came the double-unders and muscle-ups – ya, right, muscle-ups…

My strategy on Thursday was to just get one double-under and then stop. Not even attempt at linking multiple double-unders in a row. My thought was to not even waste time trying to link and getting frustrated and just getting as many single double-unders as I could in a row. I got 28 in what amounted to about 10 per minute. Even though my wall balls finished at 8:17 I don’t think I could catch my breath and start those double-unders until about nine minutes into the workout.

I wasn’t getting my first muscle-up during 13.3. It will have to wait for another day. Hopefully a day in the near future. Continue reading

13.3 is what?! Shit.

The scene before 13.3 was announced

The scene before 13.3 was announced

I was in Boulder last night for the 13.3 release party, if you will. CrossFit Roots is awesome. Their location is sweet; nice and big, lots of space and plenty of fun looking equipment. They had free food from Moe’s BBQ and the bathrooms were tip top. The crowd was wild, the bleachers were packed (and swaying) and the show put on my Talayna Fortunato and Kristan Clever did not disappoint.

A bunch of my pictures from the night are below.

To make the night even better we went to Twisted Pine after for a beer. Billy’s Chilies is some spicy beer, which was perfect after hearing about the spicy 13.3 WOD.

13.3 is a repeat of 12.4 from last season. Some might view this as boring programming but it really exemplifies what CrossFit is about. For CrossFit to claim that it makes you fitter you need to be able to explicitly demonstrate that you are getting fitter. After six months of any exercise regimen, if someone was to ask you if you are fitter, how would you answer? You would probably say “yes”, but when they asked you to give them proof that you are fitter, what would you say? Well, in CrossFit you SHOULD be tracking your workouts and your benchmarks and then when someone asks you to prove it you could show them your workout log and show them how you have improved in a myriad of workouts. In my little black book I track max lifts, the girl WODs, hero WODs and other WODs I find either fun or challenging and re-do them once or twice a year to see improvement. Not only can I show my improvement in my 5k time (indoor and outdoor) but I can show how I am getting stronger by my deadlift max increase. Continue reading

WOD – 12.03.2012

Today I joined CrossFit South Aurora. It is much closer to home than CrossFit LoDo and if I want to open my own box someday I need to keep experiencing different boxes and use ideas from each to make mine better.

At CFSA they don’t prescribe warmups. In my first day I am just trying to get into the swings of how they do things. Starting tomorrow morning I will be sure to get there a bit before the 5:15am class so I can row or something before getting a station set up for the WOD.

They are running through the 2011 Open WODs this week and today was:
15 min AMRAP of
9 deadlifts (155#)
12 pushups
15 box jumps (24″)

The “extra” as prescribed was
Part 1
5 muscle-ups
30 double unders
Part 2
5 front squats EMOTM for 10 min

I completed 7 rounds and 31 reps into the 8th round of the WOD. The box jumps really sucked the life out of me. The pushups were like taking a break. When I started my 7th round I was really hoping to complete it as there was about 2 minutes on the clock. I was 5 box jumps shy of completing that 8th round.

I worked on my muscle-ups but need to continue to work. I just can’t get myself into the dip position from a dead hang to complete. As for the front squats I did 5@135#, 5@135#, 5@145#, 5@145#, 5@145#, 5@155#, 4@155#, 4@155#, 3@155# and 3@155#. I know I can do better but I was gassed. I think it was lack of water and sleep (my baby girl woke up in the middle of the night and I had a hard time getting back to sleep.