Why I chose OPT – and am loving the decision so far

Today another trainer at the box I workout at (and coach at) asked my why I chose OPT programming to follow over my own boxes programming or Outlaw or CrossFit.com or any of the numerous other programs available to follow for free. I think this is a damn good question and I wrote entirely too much in response to him on Facebook so I figured I couldn’t let that jumbled mess go to waste on Facebook – sounds like enough of a reason for a blog post to me!

Unfortunately I couldn’t give him a short answer as I have become really enamored with programming. From checking multiple websites everyday to see what they program for no reason other than curiosity, to trying to program for myself for a period of time. The idea of helping someone simply by giving them work intrigues me. The idea of putting together mesocycles with perfection hits the correct part of my brain and makes me want to open an Excel spreadsheet and get to it. This is mostly why I have jumped around so much – too much – in recent months. I find it so interesting and so fun I always want to try something new. I want to find that one program that will not only prevent me from getting fat (most of them are good at this), but will also help me build strength as it just kills me how little I can squat (this is where most fall apart). Continue reading